James Mayes

So I made it to the blogosphere. What next?

In Personal on February 25, 2010 at 2:59 pm

So clearly, I’m somewhat behind the times with Blog action, this being my first.

Life has a habit of running away with you, as anyone with start-up experience, toddlers or pregnant wives will tell you.  Bearing in mind I have all three now, I hope you’ll grant me a little leeway!

I intend to use this space to launch some of my thoughts into the wider world. Comment and debate will always be welcome – I’m a firm believer in challenging ideas and concepts in order to improve them. I expect most of the posts here will be professionally oriented, ranging from recruitment to social media, project management to international business development.  There may be the odd personal one thrown in – I haven’t yet decided!

My initial posts here will focus on www.sxsw.com – it’s a huge US event and I’ll be there representing TweetJobs as part of the UK’s Digital Mission. Should be a great platform for overseas expansion, as well as an immense learning opportunity.

I believe the accepted wisdom in these parts is to blog regularly… I’m not sure how I’ll do there, so instead, I’ll offer this thought: How about I only blog when I’m sure it’s worthwhile? That seems eminently more sensible than blogging twice a week regardless!

Oh, and style?  Yes, I believe WordPress can do a lot for me there. When I make time to really figure it out, you’ll notice the difference.

  1. Hi James…SXSW should be a good time…rearranging my schedule to try to make it (translation: trying to find an excuse to go myself). It’s still quite cold up here in Minneapolis and Texas sounds awfully nice. Wish you success with your meetings there.

  2. Hi James, congratulations to make it into the blogosphere. That sounds like an exciting move. I will follow you hopefully this week & I look forward to all your updates from SXSW.

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