James Mayes

Educating the money?

In Investment, Personal Development, Start-ups, SXSWi on March 13, 2010 at 10:46 pm

Second day at SXSW (now abbreviated to “South by”). Feeling thoroughly acclimatised with Austin, I could spend some serious time here. The town’s got a great vibe – and a sense that it’s not just for SXSW.  Feet are starting to ache, but the general view seems to be you just kill the pain with beer, then drink coffee to keep yourself going!  Not convinced, but when in Rome….

OK, so today’s news?  A GREAT panel this morning, focussed around where entrepreneurs come from. Are they born? Are they nurtured by mentors? Are they a product of environment?  Differing views, as you would expect from a widely experienced panel operating on both sides of the pond, but also points all agreed on.  One I particularly liked came from Doug Richards (in bullish good form and highly entertaining!) on the subject of investors.  There are schools for start-ups and support organisations, in addition to a wealth of online information – but very little of this caters to first-time investors.

There are many out there who’ve had an idea or built a business and as a result, have some capital to invest.  Maybe they miss the start-up buzz, maybe they want to put something back into the community, maybe they just want to make money. Whatever the reason, these people are coming at investing from the other side of the table – and maybe there should be more support out there for them. In these times of recession, it could well accelerate economic recovery by encouraging capital out into the market from corners where previously, fear or lack of knowledge has held it back.

Any takers?

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