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Tweeted highlights from #SMIR conference

In LinkedIn, Personal Development, Recruitment, Social Media, Twitter on April 23, 2010 at 10:50 am

Rather than my usual reasoned (rambling?) posts, I thought I’d go with something a little different today.  The following are highlights from yesterday’s Social Media in Recruitment conference (#smir), which I’ve simply picked out from the Twitterstream for those who couldn’t be there and didn’t manage to follow.  If any fellow attendees have others, please do feel free to add them!  Great event, kudos to @MikeETaylor for the organisation – very smooth indeed.

@BillBoorman: My favourite quote at #SMIR I used to send my clients wine, now i send them Cows! (Farmville) – This came from @ElkieHolland’s presentation.

UKStaffSearch: 3million new signups a month, impressive stats for Linkedin! #SMIR

ChairmanSam: Key words from #SMIR Real-time, Recency, Relevance – the 3R’s quite fitting for a Conference on Recruitment via Social Media…

@garyr0binson: Need augmented reality app to locate all my Twitter friends in the audience at #SMIR

myworksearch#smir getting onto interesting Twitter lists can bring you to the attention of recruiters

vicokezie: Online communities enhances the human touch in the recruitment process #SMIR

SiteAdvisor#smir – People know where they want to work but they want to know about the job and company but in a social way – NOT corporate babble

BraveNewTalent: CK Clinical hired a social media recruitment manager after coming to #SMIR last year and has reaped the rewards. Every company shud hav one!

@CKClincal filled a director level role from a YouTube video!! #SMIRJonathan is inspiring!!

@WaasdorpiGI: 3D’s of social media: dedication, discipline and determination #smir

Kilkennykitten: Most Recs have a long way 2go re engaging job seekers. Most don’t even respond to job applications. Gr8 opptys for gr8 recruiters #SMIR

HRWPB#SMIR MAYBE I am obsessive about the subject am surprised noone has mentioned culture, they are all depending on it but not conscious of it

vicokezie: Cands that knows employers used social networking sites could claim reason not successful was discrimination, eg religion etc #smir

luciant: Surprised that the legal advice is still to block employees from using the web! That isn’t social! #SMIR

luciant: I strongly feel the legal risk of getting it wrong is not comparable to the phenomenal benefits of getting engagement right #SMIR

HRWPB#SMIR corporate organisations, scared about brands being in the hands of employees. Employee owned organisation is radically different

There will no doubt be fuller blog reports on this subject – including one already published by @topbananas with some video interviews.  Keep following #smir on Twitter for the wrap-up.

  1. Nice summary James, there was a LOT of tweets, I think I made 50+

    I have just posted some another video –
    The first is audience views of the event: http://akatopbananas.com/2010/04/22/smir-was-it-any-good/

    The second is not great quality but the take away statements from the expert panel:

    Feel free to blog, embed etc the video – they are also on my youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/akatopbananas

    • I quickly realised exactly how much volume there was, so I tried to limit it to those worthy of a take-away thought. I also tried to get reasonable coverage of the most active tweeters, to show recognition for their efforts in creating a great conference back-channel. It’s something I find invaluable, whether present or not – so I want to encourage the uptake of that activity here in the UK. Good work on the videos too.

      Note to self: must experiment more with different media for blog content.

  2. Many thanks for the mention James. I am now trying to write my own review on the event etc

  3. […] highlights as I go.  At the 2010 event, I went through the Twitter stream after and extracted some highlights – this year, I intend to contribute quite a few […]

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