James Mayes

Blogs and babies…

In Personal on April 26, 2010 at 7:11 pm

If there’s one thing I seem to have in common with other new-ish bloggers, it’s that blogging changes your perception. A soundbite, an event, a result – all these things suddenly become the subject of  analysis and oftentimes result in blog posts.

As many will now know, our second child has now arrived. In the early hours of 26th April, I witnessed a new life enter the world. I spoke to family, texted friends, even sent a tweet. Now a calmer moment has landed and I can think about all that’s happened.

You know what? I’m not telling. Everyone gets to share in the joy when a birth is announced, and that’s right and proper – but the thoughts and emotions entailed are for us to share with those we love over the many years ahead – not for broadcasting now.

There’s only one thing going on record here and that’s how very proud I am of my wife. She’s the quiet, shy and retiring type but I’ll say it loud n clear – she’s got more backbone than just about anyone I ever met. I’m a lucky man – and that’s all I want to share right now.

  1. Stop it Em’s crying! she had no idea you are a big softy, but agrees with everything you say!

  2. Congrats James. Happy for you. Envious too – my youngest is nine now and i miss babies.

  3. Enjoy every moment. late night blogs between changes. Wish you all well with everything.

  4. Congratulations again James and well done – nicely said.

  5. […] usually tech, social media or recruitment here. Occasionally, it’s family. Today though, I don’t want to tell you […]

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