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Twitter follower analysis

In Social Media, Twitter on June 25, 2010 at 12:45 pm

Been a while since my last post – busy like you wouldn’t believe.  Anyhow, I was introduced today to a service which thoroughly warrants a brief post (thanks to @eggboxrobin for bringing this one to my attention).

Have you noticed how some Twitter accounts change over time?  Maybe they started with interesting dialogue, but have fallen into the bad habits of just constant retweets or links. Maybe they used to be active and you haven’t noticed they’ve gone dormant?  I’d wondered about it, but never had the time to analyse.

TwitCleaner has just solved that problem.  Sign in and the free service will analyse those you’re following, breaking them out into groups like “little original content” or “don’t interact with anyone”. It’s initial pass on those I’m following suggests roughly 30% are garbage.

Of course, it’s not perfect and there are some I follow for good reasons which “look” like bad Tweeters – but it’s a great place to spend a very small amount of time cleaning up your Twitterstream.

How fast do you need to run?

In Personal Development, Start-ups on June 2, 2010 at 3:49 pm

I heard a statement recently which caught my attention.  When you’re being chased by a lion, you don’t need to be the fastest runner there – just faster than the slowest one.  I like things like this – they’re simple, they convey a clear message – they’re well suited to certain aspects of our world – the 140 character aspect in particular.

It got me thinking though – in terms of business, how does one “not get eaten”?  Does the same hold true? Can you simply ensure you’re not the worst business in your field?  Possibly. You might get by, you might scrape a living.  Trouble is, your competition in business is not simply one hungry lion.  It’s hundreds of them – and every other animal in the zoo, too.

For that reason, I think I’ll stick with trying very much to be the fastest runner there.  I might not succeed in being fastest, but it’s certainly going to help my chances of survival.

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