James Mayes

Do you have Klout on Twitter?

In Personal Development, Social Media, Twitter on July 12, 2010 at 1:32 pm

As you might imagine, I keep a roving eye on social media tools – particularly those relevant to the Twittersphere. One tool I’ve used occasionally over a period of months now is Klout. There are a number of tools which attempt to monitor your reach or influence on Twitter, some simply based around follower numbers, others much more advanced.  Klout is certainly one of the more sophisticated.

The reason I’m sharing it that I’ve found it useful on several occasions. It looks at follower numbers, as most things do – but it takes a number of other items into consideration and subsequently plots your position against those of higher ranking twitter users.  This again, is not unusual. However, taking it further still, Klout breaks out these other users into types, or styles. Some people create, others syndicate. Some are broad-reach, others are very focussed. How do you compare?

Klout gives you far more ability to decide what kind of engagement you seek, then hone your message over weeks and months – and for that reason, I think it’s worth a little of your time.

UPDATE: December 2010

I’ve continued to play with Klout over the last few months, but have become increasingly sceptical of the results.  I saw this post earlier today, which does a great job of explaining the problem. It’s also worth reading for the second comment, Klout’s own CEO. Perfectly handled, in my view.


  1. Hi James
    I’m interested to hear you’ve found Klout useful. I have looked at it, but struggle a little with its metrics. Having tried first of all looking at my own profile (naturally!) it came up only half complete (@eggboxrobin is a …..?). I couldn’t understand the ‘Achievements’ section at all and the ‘Influenced by/Influences’ lists were highly unconvincing. Apparently my ‘most influential topics’ include ‘Mums’ – something I have never knowingly been interested in, let alone tweeted about! My feeling is if it’s so unreliable as regards my own profile then not sure I can rely on it when profiling others.

    I will keep an eye on it though, although the profile it has of me hasn’t been updated since I first registered and I’m not clear if I’m supposed to refresh it and if so, how.

    Have you looked at http://twitalyzer.com by the way? I came across it recently and it looks promising.

    • It does take some getting used to, I admit – not the most intuitive site around. I do like the comparison options, and some of the amplification analysis. However, I think you’re dead on with one of the biggest weak-spots – you have to refresh the profile. It’s manual, and it ain’t obvious! The link to refresh your profile is on the first page of analysis, bottom left corner.

      I’ll have to poke around at Twitalyzer soon – though I’ve always been put off that by the amount of tweets I see with people’s own profile analysis.

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