James Mayes

Do exit interviews happen?

In Personal Development, Recruitment on July 21, 2010 at 10:16 am

As more regular readers will know, I tend to use this blog to express thoughts on a particular subject, speculate on concepts or share my feedback on tools and techniques.  This time though, I really want your opinions.

I was reading a short piece published recently in Recruiter, talking about exit interviews.  They’re a common enough topic in the staffing industry that I don’t feel further explanation is necessary.  However, I gather from this article that the survey was targeted at end customers – not recruiters themselves.  I cast my mind back and with all honesty, I don’t recall ever being the subject of an exit interview. I’ve conducted a few (and I think missed a couple I should have done) – but I’ve never been on the receiving end. Do these actually happen as often as they should?

Looking back on my experience, I have two immediate reactions. The first is that with a couple of employers, I took on more than one role. I’m thinking an exit interview when moving from one role into another could (should?) have provided valuable feedback. However, that’s not my main question for today, more something to ponder for the future.  What I’m keen to do today is learn more about good (or bad) exit interview questions.  Is there a line of enquiry you follow time and again, because you know it elicits useful information?  C’mon, share it with me.

In return, I’ll offer you an interview question which I know has been used regularly by a division of a major retail bank when looking to see what approach a candidate takes to problem-solving.

Imagine if you will, the world’s supply of chocolate has ended.  Why might this be?

I can promise you, they had a real mix of good, bad and downright perplexing responses!

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