James Mayes

How long have I been….? #trunoras question

In Conference, Facebook, LinkedIn, Social Media, Twitter on November 5, 2010 at 4:03 pm

At yesterday’s #TruNORAS event I was asked how long I’d been on certain platforms – and how I could tell.  I promised to blog the methods of finding out, so here you go!


  • Go to your home page, click on your name (top left), then Settings
  • It may ask you to reaffirm your password
  • Top left will then display User Since:



There used to be an app called First on Facebook, which revealed the date you opened your account.  However, it seems to have vanished and I haven’t been able to source an alternative way of identifying the date.

For me, LinkedIn was 17th May 2005 and Twitter was 12th January 2009. I believe my Facebook date was around mid-2007, but as that app has disappeared, I can’t be certain.

Anyone want to help out on that one?

  1. Hey James, I know the FB app you mean and I can’t find it either. There’s another app called Status Statistics (easier to find on google than FB). It’s pretty good and, although it doesn’t give you the date, you can work it out from number of days since your first status update. Right, I’m going to go and get a life 😉

  2. Ahhh, nice one Abi. At least I know I’m not going bonkers on the disappearing Facebook app!

  3. Blimey that was easy – I’ve been wondering for a while when I joined LinkedIn and simply never saw that very small and discrete date on the settings page.

    Thanks a lot.



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