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Personal highlights of #srconf

In Conference, Facebook, LinkedIn, Mobile, Recruitment, Social Media, Twitter on December 1, 2010 at 4:09 pm
I was lucky enough yesterday to be at the Social Recruiting conference (hashtag: #srconf).  Great venue in London and an enticing line-up of speakers, presenting from a “we’ve done this ourselves” perspective.  I bagged a great spot and settled down to learn.  I also took the opportunity to have a crack at live-tweeting the event.  I think in the final analysis, there were about sixty from me during the day.
Having now reviewed, here are my top fifteen. I’ve removed hashtags but they’re otherwise unedited. They’re also reverse chronological – number one being the final presentation of the day, number fifteen being the first.
  1. Cummins are a heavy engineering firm – halved their time to hire with social media.
  2. In the world of social, if it’s perfect on launch then maybe you waited too long.
  3. If you find change hard, imagine how irrelevance will feel. Sell THAT to the board.
  4. Cisco using Facebook advert targeting to increase female IT applicants. 17% up to 24% in 1 month. $5000.
  5. Deloitte aim to be first organization in Netherlands to kill use of job boards.
  6. 234% more traffic from SM than job boards. Deloitte
  7. A happy person tells three friends. An unhappy one tells Google.
  8. Give people options for engagement. Let them start in the place THEY feel most comfortable.
  9. Social rules from @heatherataylor – Don’t say anything you wouldn’t say to your Grandma. Simples
  10. Why so keen to separate SM from other channels? Integration drives stronger adoption.
  11. There’s not much that’s LESS engaging than a static newsletter. If you want people to get involved, let them contribute and respond.
  12. Part of the company = part of the brand – that includes +ve and -ve messages.
  13. Your employment brand is what employees say when you’re not in the room. Measure that!
  14. Jobs and content is the starting point, not the goal. Community, conversation, relationships. These things give real value.
  15. 80% of corps have social media presence, only 20% are cohesive.

I’ll write a more thorough review when I have the opportunity.  In the meantime, kudos to Alan and Vic for a first class event!

  1. James, unfortunatley i couldn’t make it yesterday as other engagements, I was receiving loads of twitter updates though and your summary seems to have caught all the major points, sounds like a great conferance….well done Al and Vic and James thanks for the Summary

  2. Great list and very clever to use your tweets and your re-tweets as, essentially, your notes of what was important on the day.

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