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Twitter analysis tools – Crowdbooster review

In Social Media, Software Development, Start-ups, Twitter, Twitter Tips on December 7, 2010 at 12:23 pm

So I was lucky enough to get an early invite to CrowdBooster (previously known as Conversely).  I’ve been playing around with it for a few days now and found both positives and negatives. I think it’s got huge potential, so I’d like to share my early impressions. This post might ramble on a little longer than usual, but if you Tweet regularly, it’s worth it!

First and foremost, it sucks up your Twitter activity.  Once it’s figured out who you are and tracked your tweets, it swiftly comes back with a very attractive graph, demonstrating just how your tweets have performed recently – how many retweets, marked against the number of people reached. I love how accessible this is – especially as hovering over a dot will show the tweet and detail.

Retweets versus People Reached

You can play with the timescale being viewed, including using a custom date range, or you can view the information in tabulated form.

Also available very easily are a list of your most influential followers and your top retweeters.  The second of this is obvious enough and quite useful.  The first however, I think it misdirected.  For example, Chris Brogan appears in my list of influential followers.  In absolute terms, it’s accurate – he has well over a hundred thousand followers and he does follow me.  However, I’m conscious he also follows over a hundred thousand people. Chances of him seeing a tweet from me and sharing it?  Virtually nil, unless I tweet something he’s specifically monitoring for.  I’m of the view that someone with a lower number of followers but a higher level of engagement with me personally is likely to be far more influential on my behalf. I wouldn’t know where to start with the analytic on that though, it’s just gut feel!

The other key area for me focusses on times.  By tracking retweets and visibility, CrowdBooster is able to suggest the best times for me to tweet.  This is certainly something I’ll be paying more attention to in future, though I’ ve got to figure out the time zones first.  Currently, it’s suggesting some time slots very early in the morning (2am, 7am). I don’t believe that’s well-suited to either my UK or US followers and a quick tweet to CrowdBooster got an almost instant response. It runs on Pacific time, they’re working on localisation.

Times and days for best tweet resonance

Also included is the FollowBuilder tool – quite simply, it’s a search utility which tracks your chosen keywords, showing you tweets along with the Bio, follower ratio’s etc. to help you find new people to follow – and obviously, build your own numbers in return. Functionality is built in for you to Follow directly, reply to the tweet, or retweet. You can also apply filters to the Twitter users it shows you, such as follower ratios, time on Twitter etc.

It’ll track the results of your activity and also show you those you’ve followed via the tool who’ve yet to reciprocate.  I tend to allow followers to come to me by virtue of conversation or my tweeting of relevant content – but I know some like to aggressively build their own follower numbers through reciprocal activities and I’m guessing they’ll love this.

A full reporting suite of some kind is in the making – but it’s not yet live and CrowdBooster are openly gathering thoughts on what people would like to see.  Your chance to guide the product, or at least air your views. Finally, I should note it does support multiple accounts. No idea how many, I’ve just tried two to test it works! I’d guess multiple accounts and detailed reporting will form part of the future monetization on this.

So, what’s missing?  Not a lot, actually – I’m very impressed.  In terms of the analytics I’d like on Twitter, it covers a significant amount of ground.  Only one thing stands out as a “nice to have”, but it’s not strictly Twitter, so I don’t know whether they’d be interested.  Regardless, I’m gonna shout for it.  BackTweets.  It’s a great little page which I use to look at who’s retweeted my blog posts from time to time.  Seeing as the vast majority of my blog post distribution happens via Twitter, I’d love to be able to hook my WordPress account up to CrowdBooster and get that info in the same place.

I think that’s probably a step to far for them at this stage – and maybe it’s a dilution of focus they should just decline. Either way, I think this’ll be a core part of my toolkit for a while to come.

  1. Thanks James – very interesting – particularly the best time to tweet!

  2. Hi James! Thanks again for writing a review. We are early and really appreciate your thoughts. Duly noted your feedback about chris brogan and timezones. Please let us know if you have more questions or feedback, and we look forward to improving the system to make it more useful to you.

    CEO, Crowdbooster

    • Hey Ricky. Really appreciate you taking the time to stop by and comment. Good to know the feedback is useful – I understand I’m not the only one with the “Chris Brogan” type comment! If I have further thoughts I’ll certainly tweet you. Meantime, love the app and love the level of interest you take in your customers.

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  4. Hi James,

    I’ve just signed up for the beta to test this out for myself – great review! Thanks 🙂


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  6. Anyone wanting to get involved, I’ve got 5 beta invites. @me on Twitter if you want. First come first served.

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