James Mayes

How much is too much?

In Facebook, Social Media, Twitter on December 14, 2010 at 10:02 am


We’ve all had moments after a session on Twitter or Facebook when we’ve checked the clock and realised time has somewhat run away.

There are various posts out there on recognising the signs – but these are my favourite:



  1. You’ve changed your mobile/cell for something that’s more effective for social networking
  2. You have a platform in mind before you’ve even taken the photo
  3. That last Christmas card was addressed to @….
  4. You consider anything trending to be major news
  5. You’ve attended a tweet-up
  6. You’ve checked into a tweet-up
  7. You’ve tweeted that you just checked into a tweet-up
  8. The most important spreadsheet in your life is the one with all the usernames and passwords on it
  9. You have a preferred desktop client AND you know about rationing the API calls
  10. You’re desperate for a good WiFi signal and it’s not so you can get at your office emails

Feel free to add more in the comments….

(Picture credit: http://www.genbeta.com)

  1. How’s this — you’ve ever told a live person with whom you were having a conversation, “Hold that thought. I want to check my Twitter/Facebook/whatever account.”

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