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Blog: Highlights & poll results from #SMART_2011

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I’ve been  invited by Keith Robinson to write a review of the SMART 2011 conference for one of his publications, which I’ve gladly done (many thanks for that invitation!).  During the course of writing that review, I went through many of the tweets on the day to get a feel for what others experienced.  I’ve pulled a selection out for your delectation here – some mine, some from others. I’ve also endeavoured to name the speaker on stage at the time of the tweet – let me know if you spot any errors!


How does your organisation use social media?

From Charlie Osmond‘s opening address:

  • “Don’t chase viral outcomes – ongoing conversation has better long-term results.”
  • Brands on social are often focussed purely on conversion. Compared to 16 yr old boy at party. Time to grow up & think wider.
  • “This is the year Social moves from hype & headlines to data & understanding”

Steve Fogarty of Adidas:

  • Talent Management session at #smart_2011. First, Steve Fogarty from #adidas opens with “40000 staff, 16 recruiters!”
  • Adidas on using the web for recruitment: “6 degrees (networking) Community (conversation & engagement) Marketing (attraction)”
  • Adidas had to fight to get on Facebook for recruiting. “Marketing wanted to retain sole ownership for product sales.”

Does your organisation have a social media strategy?

Andy Headworth of Sirona

  • “95% of career sites are cr*p – when did you last use your own site to complete an application?”
  • Try Addict-o-Matic for free social measuring – start listening.

Mark Johnson, The Economist

  • “Social media doesn’t mean have to dumb down. If ask for lot from readers, you’ll got a lot.”
  • “Regular debate questions significantly aid engagement”

Who should own social media strategy?

Sarah White, Independent Consultant

  • Career site “power of 3: Attractive, Sustainable, Candidate Centric”
  • “Goal of all social efforts should be to bring traffic back to Career Site”
  • “If you build your candidate attraction in Flash, you’re excluding iPhones, iPads, etc…”

Nick Halstead, MediaSift

  • “People will follow content, not search for it. Fundamental shift.”
  • “I predict death of #SEO in the next 5 years” … big rumble in the room.
  • “Sentiment analysis is inaccurate because computers don’t understand sarcasm”

What's the biggest risk of social media?

The data on this page comes from electronic polling of the delegates on the day. If the images are a bit small to read the legends, just click – they should open up to a larger view. I hope I captured it all correctly at the time, but if anyone from SMART has final figures, I’d be glad to amend.

  1. […] All in all – excellent event.  Very much a recruitment bias to those in attendance, but the speakers certainly had a wider range of message than would be found at a purist social recruiting event. Well worth attending. To wrap up, I’ve been back over the Twitterstream of the day and curated a selection of Tweets and the data from the live polls – all available on my blog. […]

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