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Blog: I know this much is #TRU

In Community, Conference, Personal Development, Recruitment, Social Media, Twitter on February 8, 2011 at 2:56 pm

Getting very close to the next #TruLondon event now and the buzz is quite impressive.  Having had a very busy start to 2011, I’ve been trying to keep track through Twitter and the blog posts, but it’s a struggle – so I leapt at the chance to catch up with organiser Bill by phone recently. Yep, old-school is sometimes the best.  As always with Bill, there’ll be some well-publicised activities in advance, in addition to some surprises on the day.  So which bits am I most looking forward to?

  1. #trulondonThe sheer range of assembled intelligence and experience. You’ll struggle to find an event with more talent in one location than this.  Quite how Bill pulls them all in, I really don’t know. I’ll say this though, the man’s an artist!
  2. I’m hearing a rumour that there’s going to be something rather interesting on the Twitter front. Twitter’s always been a key element of the #TRU events and Bill’s one of those who really understands the value of the backchannel. I wrote a review of this for one of his previous events here – but if I understand correctly, it’ll be worth installing Layar on your smartphone if you’re attending.
  3. I’m actually going to be at a professional event with my better half! She’s always been in the HR industry, I’ve always been in recruiting, so while there’s a common interest, the events we’ve attended have been very different.  Social Media is starting to bridge that divide, and Bill’s event really does drive that message home.
  4. All being well, I’ll be playing with a new app while I’m there. No commercial interest in this one for me, but something I was lucky enough to see an alpha demo of at the recent TEDxBrighton event – and I’m hoping I’ll have a beta test version by the time I get to #TRU. If you’re a regular conference-goer, it promises to be quite exciting – #TRU should be the perfect place to let it loose!

There’ll be loads more when I get there, I’m sure.  As always, I’ll be tweeting heavily through the day – so if you can’t be there, follow the event on Twitter. As soon as I have a live-stream link, I’ll share that too!

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