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Blog: Twitter’s serendipity effect – and why it beats LinkedIn!

In Community, LinkedIn, Recruitment, Social Media, Twitter, Twitter Tips on February 9, 2011 at 11:41 am

Recently had dinner with a good friend of mine who’s passionate about use of the LinkedIn platform, especially for business development activity.  The subject of Twitter came up and he’s still reticent. Many are, I understand that – but when people ask why I use Twitter, the reasons are endless.  One thing I especially love though, is what some have called the serendipity effect.  How about an example?

Right place right timeLast week, I noticed a tweet from someone I follow talking about an upcoming event. It sounded like it might be of professional interest to me.  We have a good relationship, mostly Twitter-based – so I replied, indicating an interest. As is so often the case, people on Twitter tend to be more generous with their time and invitations than they might on other platforms.

Duly welcomed, I went along on the evening in question and was lucky enough to catch up with someone I hadn’t seen in quite some time – most serendipitous, you might say.  Shortly after though, I made the acquaintance of someone else I know of by reputation, but not personally. We share many professional interests and in the longer term, could be very handy indeed!

OK, so Twitter allowed me to spot that first mention, subsequent connections being a matter of right place, right time. However, on the train home a little later, Twitter also allowed me to share a few light-hearted tweets with the people I’d just met.  Email would have been too formal, maybe even pushy. Texting? No, too personal. A few tweets?  The perfect form of communication to round off that initial connection.

Love to hear your thoughts? Similar experiences?

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by GabrielleLainePeters, Stephen Jacobs and Steve Jacobs, James Mayes. James Mayes said: Blog: Twitter’s serendipity effect – and why it beats LinkedIn! http://jmay.es/hsZAN9 […]

  2. Nice post James!

    To begin, I have virtually met more people through Twitter than any other social media venue. From my viewpoint, I find that Twitter is a more relaxed venue than LinkedIn. I expect people on LinkedIn to be more buttoned up and professional in their communications. Conversely, I am very comfortable with a more casual or relaxed approach by folks when we communicate via Twitter. (That said; I do have many very professional conversations on Twitter, too.) Twitter has also presented business-related opportunities for more in-person meetings than any other social media has for me. This is not to say that LinkedIn has not been valuable to me because it certainly has. It just has a different “feel” to it.

  3. I like your point about the tone of Twitter. “The perfect form of communication to round off that initial connection.” Just one of the many reasons I love Twitter!


  4. I love the relaxed nature of twitter and completely agree that it allows you to communicate with people in a somehow different way.

    I also agree with the comment from Cyndy that Linked in is far more professional – I always feel that this is where I am most “at work” on line – and facebook is where I am most “with friends and family”.

  5. […] I missed Twitter, hugely. For me, there are numerous aspects and benefits to using Twitter, many of which are perfectly available through the desktop experience. Likewise, Twitter has some SMS functionality, so I was able to do certain things. The major thing I missed though, was what Benjamin Ellis calls “the watercooler“. The ability to dip in and out of the stream, in precisely those same moments where I now think maybe email is to be avoided. So glad to have that back, it’s impossible to accurately value the serendipity effect! […]

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