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Blog: Even social media leaders need to cover the basics… @starbucks

In Personal, Recruitment, Social Media on February 10, 2011 at 2:50 pm

Enjoying a day in London, taking in some Social Media Week events, interspersed with a few client meetings.  With a little downtime to spare, I dived into the nearest Starbucks for coffee and an email-clearing session. I’m sure I recall reading they have WiFi everywhere now, so I grab my coffee, head downstairs to the extra seating and get out the netbook.

Wireless connection found, I fire up the browser, expecting a pop-up of some kind where I need to sign in. There it is.  There’s an option to go to the BT Openzone site and pay – or the option to sign in and utilise the Starbucks reward card. I’m thinking the second option looks more inviting, so on we go. There’s a sign-up window, asking for a whole bunch of personal information, which I complete. Finally, at the bottom of the screen, the number of your Starbucks reward card is requested. I don’t have one yet – and neither am I about to pack up all my stuff and head back upstairs to enquire with staff. Instead, I pack up and leave, feeling distinctly irritated.

So what went wrong? Two things:

  1. I stood there, suited for business and carrying a laptop, but no-one at the Point Of Sale asked if I’d be interested in using the WiFi
  2. There was no information around the POS to catch my eye

If either of things these had been covered, I would immediately have paid for the Starbucks card, got my coffee and settled in feeling rather happy. Instead, I left, unimpressed.

So to the bit about about getting the basics right…  readers on this blog are mostly recruitment-focussed – how many candidates have you spoken to today? How many times have you asked for a referral (of any kind) or recommendation? I’ll help you with the Social Media bits, but please, make sure you’re covering the basics too!

Final thought – @starbucks had 1.2m followers last time I checked…  let’s see if they spot this 😉


  1. I had the exact same experience and reaction in Starbucks in the City at 9am today! My conclusion is that Internet has irreversably moved from idealist to materialist.

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