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#TruLondon – and the conference app alpha test

In Conference, Gadgets, Social Media, Start-ups, Twitter on February 16, 2011 at 7:30 am

As Twitter followers will know, I recently had the pleasure of a day at the TEDxBrighton event. I didn’t get the chance to blog the event, but others did – here and here.

While the event itself was awesome, it also had an unforeseen outcome – an introduction to Ian Ozsvald, one of the team working on Social Ties.  The app is currently alpha, but after some pestering, Ian kindly granted me access to a version to play with at # TruLondon.  Why did I pester him?  Simply because it looks like the most Social conference app I’ve ever seen!

It’s aim is to help you find others at a conference with similar interests in order to better leverage the networking opportunity you have in the brief time you’re there.  The app uses hashtags, Lanyrd bookings and FourSquare check-ins to identify attendees – and having passed a few early comments to Ian, it appears he’s already got a great roadmap in mind already for other data sources.

It goes on to use available data in building a similarities model – essentially, identifying who you have most in common with. Finally, it pulls through avatars to help you pick them out in real life – and presents you with a cheat-sheet based on that individual to help you get the conversation started. For a #tru event, where Twitter usage is typically off-the-scale, it’s the perfect place for an alpha test run.

I’m really excited about testing this out for Ian – I attend a lot of Social events and this answers a real-world need; it’s not simply been developed to see if it can be done.

Attendees will no doubt be encouraged to Tweet on the day using the hashtag – but I could use your help too:

  1. Check in on FourSquare when you arrive at the venue
  2. Register in advance on Lanyrd (sign in with Twitter, the #Tru link is here)
  3. If you’re attending and you’d like a look at the app, come find me.

Otherwise, follow on Twitter for news of the next release. I believe Android and iPhone editions are both in alpha stage currently.

DISCLOSURE: No commercial association, I just really like it!

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Social Recruiting and James Mayes, James Mayes. James Mayes said: #TruLondon – and the conference app alpha test http://jmay.es/hfl5lF […]

  2. Hi James, thanks for the write-up. As you know there’s loads to come yet, right now we want to make sure the Alpha version is stable and then we can roll out the Betas (we’ll have a web page up in the next few days for beta sign-ups).

  3. Sounds like a great concept Ian, shame I won’t be at TRULondon to see it in action.

    James, can you show it to Felix? Sounds like something he’d love

  4. The beta website is up: http://socialtiesapp.com/ and it allows sign-ups, if you’re interested in a beta copy please stick your email into the box.

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