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Blog: New Twitter app – TwileShare. So many uses!

In Social Media, Start-ups, Twitter, Twitter Tips on February 22, 2011 at 3:43 pm

The filesharing service for TwitterAnother new Twitter app popped on to my radar recently and with all the fun of #TruLondon, I’ve only just had chance to play around with TwileShare.  Took less than a minute to figure it out, but the uses are endless.

I requested my beta invite from the site and provided an email address. Shortly after, I got the invite, clicked the link and was up and running. Authorise with your Twitter account, select a file to share (I used the TweetJobs logo). I entered some short text for the actual Tweet, and off it went. The file uploaded, the tweet created and sent and 2 minutes later, 26 interested people had taken a look (see screenshot!).

TweetJobs logo

So to the use cases that interest me.

  • Looking for a job and want to circulate your CV easily?
  • Have a requirement to hire and want the full specification or an application form to be made available?
  • Have some thoughts you’d like to share, but don’t want to set up a proper blog?
  • And of course, once the file is there, you can reference it from Facebook or LinkedIn just as easily….

What else comes to mind?

  1. James,

    I’ll take credit for showing you it !

    As a recruiter just a great way to share a cv and link to relevant hash tags. Great for rare skills and to advertise the kind of market you are in and the sort of people you have, so much stronger than a blatant advert.

    I guess you could include case studies, white papers, contractors coming to the end of projects etc

    • Blimey, did that come from you? Apologies Martin, I usually try to credit where due. Been so much happening recently, plus a good dose of man-flu! Is that sufficient grovel? 😉

      To anyone who doesn’t know Martin Lee – follow him. He’s put me on the trail of a number of useful tools. A truly genuine geek-recruiter!

  2. Thanks for a great write up James. Here’s a link to a few beta invites if any of your readers want to give TwileShare a try:


  3. Surly we have been able to do this sort of thing for a while with tools like scribd, google docs and box.net – what does twileshare offer that’s really new?

    • I agree, I think there’s a load of things out there that offer similar functionality. It terms of signing up and tweeting a file though, I think this one’s the quickest I’ve seen to get set up and go?

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