James Mayes

  1. As I said to you on Twitter James, I am using Facebook less and less.

    There is very little engagement, there’s very little building of relationships on there and I’m connected with school friends, ex-colleagues, Uni buddies and family.

    The constant advertising and privacy changes makes it all seem rather underhand. increasingly I just feel like a cog to be used in Marketing campaigns- all of which I ignore!

    To be honest I use facebook as way to ‘check up’ on people (take that how you will) and to post photos of my family. Beyond that it is of very little use.

    There is no way I would have built the connections I have built on Twitter on Facebook…!

    • I kinda understand where you’re coming from – in terms of conversation, personal development, business etc – I get consistently more value from Twitter than I do from Facebook. Not that I’d be willing to bet against Facebook any time soon….!

  2. What would be interesting, is not so much who is going to go down the tube next.

    But who will be the next facebook/twitter? Can someone mix the good bits from both and create a super-platform….?

    • I’d take a different route. Big social platforms are here, they have momentum, they’re unlikely to be toppled easily by a new-comer. We’re starting to see far more intelligent use of API’s to create a site-mixing or mashup experience now. That’s where I see interesting things happening this year. Should be lower cost / higher speed of entry, leveraging existing user bases.

  3. Plaxo – go and get stuffed! Oh no, that’s Paxo ain’t it. Never mind, the statement still applies. Well done for stuffing your Plaxo James. I did mine a while back. Or so I thought – I received an invite via Plaxo just t’other day. The stuffers revenge perhaps?

    I feel similarly to Oli about Facebook, it’s not capturing my imagination like it once did although I do have a little What Goes Around page on there which attracts some interaction.

    Good post – cheers!

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