James Mayes

Infographic: Impact of Social Media links on SEO

In Facebook, Infographic, Social Media, Twitter on March 28, 2011 at 8:25 am

A beautifully simple explanation of the value of Social Media when considering your SEO strategy.  Graphic created by DesignBySoap. If you’re looking for SEO specialists, check them out! (Click on the image to go full screen and enlarge it)

Does social media affect SEO?

  1. not to jump on this thread but im thinking oftrying out this firm to do marketing on my blog does any no anything about them, they are based in london so i heard. i cant find any reviews on them – Rod Gardner and Associates

    • Hey Sue… First up, I edited your comment to remove telephone number and address – if people choose to make that information public themselves, then fine – but I’m not so comfortable with someone publishing contact info for a third party on my site. Not actually sure why, just feels a little over the “creepy line”!
      Anyhow, I found the guy easy enough on LinkedIn, but nothing much else. Personally, I’m more in favour of creating/sharing good content than I am for SEO on blogs – the point of this graphic is to demonstrate use of tools like Twitter & blogs to raise the SEO of your core business site.

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