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Blog: Listening to Social Media – someone got it right!

In Blogging, Gadgets, Mobile, Social Media, Twitter on April 13, 2011 at 6:36 pm

So those of you who follow my tweets regularly will probably be aware I accidentally destroyed my mobile recently. Annoying yes, but covered by insurance, so no major drama.  Turns out, there’s a fair amount of paperwork to be done before you get anywhere near actually sorting the phone.  This resulted in a rather disgruntled tweet:

That was on the 8th April. I heard nothing back – no surprise there really.  Until today (13th April).  They called. Someone had not only seen my tweet, but decided to respond and explain the reasons why the claims process works in the way it does.

OK, so they didn’t get to it immediately – but they were listening and they did decide to act on what they heard.  Already, this puts them in my good books.  Thing is, they didn’t stop with an explanation.

The caller went on to talk about the other tweets they’d seen from me. One a few weeks back about a potential upgrade. One more recently about a new HTC handset I have my eye on.

We had a meaningful conversation which has resulted in a change to the usual process, no additional cost to them, me being a FAR happier customer than I ever thought I might and YOU reading this post about that company.

Listening works. Try it.

  1. I have had similar experiences. It really is nice to know when someone is listening and then responds, right?
    Nice to know a phone company is actually listening, too. 😉

  2. I had a similar experience with TM Lewin yesterday who picked up on my tweet about the deals they’re doing received via email. What made me smile was they picked up on my hastag #donttellthebankmanager – it was the first time a big brand had engaged with me. Even though it was only once and has further entrenched my loyalty to this brand.

    Simple but effective. Much better then the likes of BT or O2 who have the engagement levels of a monkey.

  3. Isn’t it great to hear about a company actually wanting to listen the result being positive for all!
    Great post thanks

  4. @Rayanne surprisingly, phone companies here are really starting to improve. I’ve had some great experiences with Vodafone’s Twitter team recently, and I hear reports from friends that BT are making some progress.

    @Oli – try tweeting @BTCares – friend of mine has a great result last week. Share your experience of TMLewin by the way – good online, better in person. A firm that gets customer service, right down the line.

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