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Blog: Personalised news, done right!

In Blogging, Community, Social Media, Start-ups on April 27, 2011 at 6:39 am

Been a while since I posted a review of a new app on here. A number of changes recently have kept me otherwise occupied – but I’ve just seen something that I really want to share!  There are a number of “curated news feed” style apps around at the moment – from paper.li on Twitter, through iPad-specific apps such as FlipBoard, or site-based services like Mashable‘s Follow service.

Xydo LogoHowever, I don’t think any quite offer the experience of Xydo. To quote them, in the simplest terms, it’s “Quora meets Digg” or for the uninitiated, discovery plus recommendation to deliver better content. There are over a million contributors already helping to stream content – and there are plenty of ways you can hone this to your own requirements.

Xydo allows you to connect with any combination of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn – so that your existing personal network can influence the news you receive. More are due to be added – I believe Tumblr is next. In terms of reading that news, you can then get your hands on it in the form that suits you best. Custom RSS output? Fine. As tweeted links? On Facebook? Via email? All catered for.

However, specifically unlike many of the other sites, Xydo is not simply a Reader. It builds profiles for publishers and contributors, uses your social graph to influence what’s shown to you and subsequently allows you to vote on the material you need. You can also contribute if you’d like to publish your own work.

It takes a little time to feel your way around the site – but so far, worth the effort!

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  2. […] Read more about XYDO on Mashable,  ReadWriteWeb and Musings from Sussex. […]

  3. […] Read more about XYDO on Mashable,  ReadWriteWeb and Musings from Sussex. […]

  4. […] Xydo – news curation and delivery service. Part automated, but influenced by the networks you build as an individual. Best personalised news service I’ve found, blogged here! […]

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