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Blog: TEDxBrighton (or, the post I never wrote!)

In Blogging, Conference, Personal Development, Social Media on April 28, 2011 at 3:42 pm

So a few months back, I got the marvellous opportunity to attend TEDxBrighton, organised by Tom Bailey. I tweeted fairly heavily on the day (selection here) but a couple of other attendees did a marvellous job of blogging the event at the time.

Greg Dreyfus mastered the live-blog (half-time post is a great read), while Thibault Lemaitre not only provides a great summary of each speaker, but has carefully added each speaker’s video to the post too. Both are Brighton-based digital advocates and are well worth following.

I picked up a huge amount from the event which I wanted to process. Indeed, several of the speakers inspired a change in my thinking, across a range of topics. However, I didn’t want to blog it then as I felt Greg & Tibz had done a first-class job. Oddly though, I don’t want to blog the detail now either.

I’m revisiting partly because I recently confirmed my attendance for TEDxPortsmouth, and partly because I’m conscious I’m still processing aspects of that event back in January…   and that’s what I want to ask….

When was the last time you attended something that was STILL causing active debate in your own mind, months later? Surely, that’s one of the key signs of a great event – and something the feedback mechanisms never pick up on.

  1. Hi James!

    First of all, I’d like to mention that my article is available here: http://itibz.com/tedxbrighton/ But I’m having some technical issues so the pictures are not all displaying properly (the videos are though)

    Now for the main aspect of this article, it’s true that some of the things that were mentioned back in January are still affecting my train of thoughts too. A positive impact, obviously.

    I’ve never really attended any event similar to TED/TEDx before, but it has played a big role in my life in that I realized some things and decided to take a step further and get implicated in more projects, to try to make a difference myself too, as the speakers.

    Some of them (and I’m thinking especially of Sally Kettle) had a dream or a force driving them, and they never let it go, they followed their motivation until the end, and inspirational storied like this can only push an individual more towards perseverance.

    • Glad you picked out Sally Kettle – I think the passion she conveyed and the humbleness with which she shared her achievement made her my highlight of the day. Of course, it helps that she really made me laugh at more than one point!

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