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Blog: Proven methods, new technology – advert targeting for recruitment (c/o #trudublin )

In Conference, Recruitment, Social Media on May 25, 2011 at 2:32 pm

For those following the tweetstream, you’ll know I’m deep in the fun of a recruiting unconference in Dublin this week.  There are a number of themes developing which will result in future blogs, but one I really want to put out this afternoon.

It’s clear many recruiters are increasingly interested in new technology and particularly, social media.  However, I’ve noticed many old-school techniques dying out. As an obvious example, recruiters are pushing out job details on Facebook and asking people to Like or Share – but are not asking for referrals on every candidate call. Those old techniques were drilled into people for a good reason – they got results.

Yesterday and today, a recurring theme has been “Where do we put our message?” – yet few seem to ASK those they’ve hired in the past few months, or long-standing high-performers in an organisation. If tapped, these people can provide a key input to your recruitment advertising strategy, social media messaging, etc – fish where the fish are, to borrow a phrase!

The reason for this quick post? A perfect example from a major technology firm here in Dublin. They’ve picked the top 10% of performers in divisions where recruitment activity is heavy. They’ve then asked for their permission to place tracking software on laptops. There’s an element of trust involved, as the employees are encouraged to go about their web usage in the normal way – but the result is compelling: clear analytics on precisely where their top performers hang out on the web.

Undoubtedly, there are other aspects to consider – but this strikes me as a rich source of targeting data which is being hugely overlooked.

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  3. In response to your comment on why old school techniques are dying out, I think it’s because people feel that it is easier and adopt an attitude of change to asking via social media as opposed to doing this in addition to.

    I know that when new recruiters are being trained up the thing that they find most difficult to do is ask for referrals, there is nearly fear of being told where to go. Over time they become more comfortable and do this naturally. There is still an inbuilt fear here somewhere and if they can justify to themselves that they are ticking the box of asking for referrals by using social media instead of the telephone some will revert to doing this.
    Down to human nature I guess!

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