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Blog: Android mobile app testing at #srconf

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Social Ties App

You might recall I had early access this year to an app called Social Ties.  It was in private alpha test at the time, and I had a little fun with it at #TruLondon.  Well, it’s moved on.  It’s now in public Beta for Android phones – and I believe an iPhone version isn’t far behind. I plan on giving it another run out at the Social Recruiting Conference next week – and you’re welcome to join me.

The app is designed to pick up attendees of a conference, then combine the public details of you and others in the room to make recommendations based on social information. It also provides you with a groovy little cheat sheet – the Bio from their Twitter account, conversation key words, recent tweets….

Currently, it picks up delegates from the Lanyrd event platform – go here to register on Lanyrd for #SRConf – you can use a Twitter account to sign in. I know a number of other hook-ups are in the pipeline too, including FourSquare and #hashtag recognition.

If you have an Android phone and want to try it out, the download installation file is here, or available from their home page. The event will appear listed in the app a couple of days before the event.

Don’t be surprised if I come and introduce myself, already appearing to know a little about you!

Blog: Get a proper job

In Investment, Personal Development, Start-ups on June 23, 2011 at 11:38 am

Or, to go with the original Pink Floyd-inspired title:

We don’t need no… entrepreneurs!

I’m going to come right out and clear this one before I get into the intended post. I don’t consider myself an entrepreneur.  I’ve been involved in multiple start-up firms and undertaken freelance assignments on more than one occasion – but on the basis that I haven’t yet sold a hugely successful business, I can’t say I’ve achieved the position of a successful entrepreneur.  That being said, I’ll admit I love start-up culture and that I’ll continue to work in this environment until I make it!

So, the post itself.  Having taken the career route I have, you tend to notice patterns emerging in start-up life.  Many are well-documented, by both successful entrepreneurs and by the financiers who make it their business to back them. There’s one I’ve not yet read about yet though – so I thought I’d take a stab.  I’ll start with a question I’ve heard regularly over the past decade.

“When are you going to get a proper job?”

This, I think, accurately sums up what’s on my mind.  Running a freelance enterprise, working for yourself, creating a start-up business – these ARE proper jobs. As those who’ve tried it will tell you, it’s a fair way tougher than most 9-5 jobs you can name – you know, those ones with a big secure employer who pays you on time, where you can focus on just the responsibilities of your role, not having to be across absolutely everything?

I get the impression (and tell me if I’m wrong) that there are a vast swathe of people who think starting a company, or indeed running as a freelancer, is an easy ride – hence, “get a proper job”. Doing this start-up stuff is unbelievably tough, in both time commitments and mental attitude. It takes it’s toll on your family too, who constantly worry if you’re still going to be in business next week, next month, etc.

This is how EVERY business starts. It’s good for the economy, it’s great for innovation, yet somehow many people don’t take it seriously.  I wanna know why! Is it because they don’t understand? It’s viewed as non-conformist? An easy ride? Because others would like to, but are scared?

I’ll come back to this in future, but for now, I’d love your thoughts. I’d also like to share an image with you.  When I started writing this, I wasn’t going to have a graphic on here – some posts do, some don’t. However, I stumbled across this. Sums up nicely why I’m quite happy risking it all on a start-up, every time.

Blog: The Social Recruiting Conference – #srconf #socialrecruiting

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For me, one of the best events on last year’s social recruiting calendar was #SRConf – organised by Alan and Vic.  There’s a number of reasons why it all came together for me – the venue, the tech support, the great line-up, not to mention some great “corridor conversations” that are often such a key part of these things.

#srconfThey’re doing it all again – and there’s only a week to go.  There’s a selection of great speakers already announced and as per the last event, the focus is very much on practitioners – presenters from firms who are out there, doing this stuff and happy to share the results.  That, for me, sums up Social Recruiting: sharing the results.

There’s no single right way to go about this at the moment, and I’m comfortable in stating a belief that no single vendor can offer the perfect tool or platform – yet. There are a lot of great ideas and a lot of platforms that have made a good start and have an interesting roadmap. There are also a number of early adopters who’ve tried, failed and learnt. These are the stories I enjoyed so much last year, so I’m hoping this year continues to deliver some of those elements.

While Social Recruiting is still young, it’s also moving fast.  This means, moreso than last year, there will be success stories too. I have a rough idea what some of the speakers have been working on, so I very much hope their organisations are open enough to let them share – what could be more social than that!?

Finally, it’s always a pleasure to spend time chewing the industry with Alan.  He’s worked on more projects than I care to name and has a wealth of experience to draw on – but he retains a thirst for knowledge and innovation. Last time we spoke on Skype, I voiced some thoughts on  a particular data source that I feel is being under-used currently – Skype itself. Not my own inspiration, something I actually picked up from a track at Bill Boorman‘s recent #TruDublin event – but great to hear Alan instantly “get” what I meant. I had the overwhelming impression that the rest of the morning would be wiped out for him as he shot off to investigate further!

#SRConf?  Can’t wait!

Infographic – The Internet in 60 seconds

In Facebook, Infographic, LinkedIn, Social Media, Twitter on June 22, 2011 at 8:44 am

We’ve no doubt all felt the ever increasing pace of activity on the net.  Well, here’s a beautifully simple illustration of what goes on, every single minute.  Credits to Gareth Jenkins for the spot and Go-Globe for the graphic.

(Click to enlarge)

The internet in a minute

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