James Mayes

  1. Completely agree James. ‘Engagement’ is the fundamental principle at the heart of ‘social’ media and authenticity is a key driver in this. Saying a quick ‘morning’ or replying to your fans on Twitter etc. may not be ‘strategic’ in the narrow sense, but it drives engagement and interaction – which is infinitely more important than sticking to rigid ‘brand messages’.

  2. As pointed out by the previous poster, the clue is in the name: ‘Social’ Media.

  3. Hello james,

    Great post, however refering to your point :”My point is this: some companies worry about the time and resources necessary to use Social Media. Whilst there are times you’ll want to achieve a significant outcome, there are others where just igniting discussion is enough to maintain traction.”

    1) is this not a strategy?

    2)Traction – You mean engagement?

    3)A significant outcome could be time intensive depending on the brand and their reach but see your point.

    Keep up the good work!

    Jimmy Cricket

  4. Interesting post.
    A case, i think, of having a strategic social-media framework in place, but not to be too rigorous about it. For one, you lose out on the element of spontaneous, human interaction. And, also, sometimes you just don’t have the time and space to be focusing on social media strategy, but you just have enough time and space to do (or say) something to contribute to your social media efforts in general.

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  6. Interesting article and debate. I agree with Callum engaging and creating a community is one principle objective in building a presence on social media. But I’d go a stage further…what is your measure of success and how do you measure the impact of a “quick” hello or status update that you are eating cornflakes??

  7. Thanks for the comments all. In response to one aspect that’s appeared a couple of times, I suppose a short n sweet update that elicits activity IS part of a wider strategy. At least, I guess I’ve demonstrated it probably should be.

    In terms of the last comment from Philip, if you’ve managed to engage a small subset of your community with only 3 words in less than 10 seconds, you’ve helped keep the page alive – so when you DO have a call to action, there’s more chance it will be visible and spotted. If I understand correctly, pages with higher activity get featured in news feeds more regularly.

    Finally, I’d also offer the following response, on the subject of measurement: http://jmay.es/i2DA81 – enjoy!

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  9. […] Blog: Social Media engagement doesn’t always have to be strategic (musingsfromsussex.com) […]

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