James Mayes

Blog: 5 key recruitment lessons

In Human Resources, Recruitment, Social Recruiting on June 9, 2011 at 9:15 am

After many years working on various parts of the recruitment industry, there are a few choice lines that I hear crop up regularly.  These are the ones I see proved right time and again…

  1. People join a company, but leave a manager
  2. Hire for attitude, train for skills
  3. Make connections on-line, but build relationships offline
  4. You have two ears and one mouth. That ratio is a usage guide.
  5. Success lies in the part between what the hiring manager wants, and what he tells you he wants.

Feel free to disagree – or better still, let me know what you prefer!

  1. Agree with all your points James and 1&2 are my top favourites. Biggest challenge I find, is demonstrating that attitude in a first submission when the skills are not present and you are going through a HR team before reaching line!

  2. 1. Never confuse great interviewers (candidates) with great hires.
    2. Turnover for vanity, profit for sanity.

  3. These are good ones James! May I add one I hear often: Communication is key.

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