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Blog: Why I love… JoliCloud

In Gadgets, Social Media, Software Development, Start-ups on July 13, 2011 at 1:18 pm

I wrote this one a few months back for GlooBlog – as always, I eventually loop back and ping them into my own archive too. Hope you enjoy this one – also recommend checking out GlooBlog, regularly some good stuff there.

If I ask what platform your current laptop/PC/Tablet is running, I’m guessing I cover at least 95% with Mac or Windows.  This distresses me, so I want to throw a new one at you – JoliCloud.

The platform itself is a variant of UNIX, which has been around longer than I have in a variety of forms.  To the uninitiated, UNIX is often a less-than-welcoming environment, so it’s not had a huge take-up in home/mobile computing for the masses.  JoliCloud might just change that.  The core focus of this new platform is to be apps-driven.  In the same way as one takes an iPhone and simply adds or removes applications as need be, so JoliCloud functions on a netbook, laptop or PC.  Easy as Windows? Hell no, easier. By far.

There are around 800 apps available at the moment, with more being added all the time.  Focus has been very much around social media, communication and entertainment – so Facebook, Twitter, blogging software, Skype, Spotify and other tools are all well represented. Good browsing functionality, a choice of email clients too and some typical Mah-Jong and card games for your quiet moments. There’s virtually nothing pre-installed – you pick what you want and add it.  Immediately, and free.

As it’s built around a custom UNIX core, anything unnecessary is stripped away – and as a result, it’s fast.  Really fast.  I recently installed it on a low-power netbook from Acer which my wife uses for websurfing, email and general social interaction.  It boots in seconds.  Literally, about 20 seconds. My high-powered work PC on Windows 7 typically takes 3-4 minutes.  When I first installed JoliCloud, I downloaded it (legally, for free). Burnt it to a CD, then connected the CD drive to the Netbook.  Boot from CD.  Install choice is offered.  I recall I selected “Yes” – and it just got on with it. Recognised all the hardware, installed everything it needed, done. First time.

The reaction to this new build has been fantastic – it gets more use than ever before and what’s more, I’m jealous of it!  A two year old, basic systems little netbook.  It does exactly what it needs, it does it fast – and if you have a problem, you tweet the JoliClouders and they come straight back with a suggestion.

So, my challenge to you? If you’ve got an old laptop somewhere that struggles to cope with modern software – re-invigorate it.  Put JoliCloud on it and give it a new lease of life. Oh, my favourite app?  DropBox.  Go play with it, you’ll figure out why.

  1. That a perfect task for me to do right now, cheers.

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