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Blog: Where’s the value in being sentimental?

In Blogging, Personal, Personal Development, Social Media on August 22, 2011 at 6:30 am

I wrote a post recently concerning a possible renaming exercise for this blog.  The for and against, plus some really helpful comments, can be found here. Short version: the name stays, but the theme and layout could use a little work.

Something came out of the exercise that warrants further discussion though, this digital age seeing a faster pace of change than ever. I had a gut feeling that despite the changing focus of the blog, the name was still sound. I wanted to rationalise, and indeed, take on some feedback from other people who both read this blog and also run their own. I guess as much as anything, I wanted to stick with the name because of emotional attachment, but wanted to be sure it was justified for wider reasons.

On reflection, it certainly was. Comments like “genuinely authentic”, “personal and honest” and “we get a sense of you” suggest that while the title isn’t a perfect reflection of the subject matter, sticking with it and talking through in public  has assured me that I’m staying on course with all that I aspire to be (transparent, reasoned, honest).

Considering the reasons in favour of the change, they were all sound technically, but none driven by my aspirational values; sentimentality in this case being better than technical accuracy

Do we move too fast in search of technical excellence, ignoring the things that make us who we truly are? If so, we risk becoming less than we all aspire to be.

Four ways to grow your network

In Community, Google+, LinkedIn, Social Media, Social Recruiting, Twitter on August 18, 2011 at 8:04 am

follower growth

After a personal ramble yesterday, today’s is short n sweet!  Whatever your network of choice, I believe these are the things that count:
  1. Be interesting
  2. Be honest
  3. Be approachable
  4. Be transparent

Yup, I’m done here….

Blog: Renaming the… er… blog!

In Blogging, Personal, Social Media on August 17, 2011 at 12:46 pm

I’ve contributed to a number of blogs over the past year or two, but this has always been my main home.  Originally, it was a thinking space. It was here for me to play with, test thoughts, rant, share the odd personal tale. No real plan or strategy for it. It was for personal Musings, I’m based in Sussex, the rest is history.

renaming a blogSome things change.  The blog still has no commercial agenda.  I write about what I want – sometimes that gets a great audience, sometimes it dies without trace. However, I’ve found I particularly enjoy poking around with new software tools, platforms or apps and writing about what I find.  It’s also fair to say I now get invited to a few product beta tests precisely because of this.

As a result, I’ve naturally written more on those topics than personal tales or things that relate specifically to Sussex.

Should I recognise this in the title?

Arguments for:

  • I’ve had more than one person say things like “musings from Sussex? It’s a little bit jam sandwiches at the WI isn’t it?” – yeah, OK, it’s provincial. C’est moi!
  • The SEO would be better with a URL title relating more closely to the topics written about – it’s not all about reader numbers and marketing though
  • I’d likely get more referred traffic / back links if the subject matter were clearer – see above!
  • It would better support my personal brand if my name were more prominent – if people like what I write, they’ll come find out who I am. If they know me, the blog is easy to trace.

Arguments against:

  • I like the name. Social media is about transparency and honesty. The current name feels like it has that sorted.
  • Current articles already have a bunch of back links and referred traffic. Will I irritate owners of friendly blogs if I go break all those links?
  • It’s currently on a WordPress-hosted platform precisely because I don’t want technical aggravation in my life. This feels like creating tasks for no good reason!

I’m not looking to crowd-source new blog names here.  I would, though, welcome opinions on my reasoning. Did I miss something? Am I misleading myself with the arguments for the sake of sentimentality? Am I kidding myself, as per Bill Boorman‘s assertion that EVERY  blog has an agenda?

Let me know. I really do appreciate it.

How to describe a community managers role?

In Community, Recruitment, Social Media, Social Recruiting, Sport on August 15, 2011 at 12:41 pm

Reading an article this morning about the joys of monitoring managing social media, illustrated by this image – wanted to share. Whilst it outlines the various roles in a community rather well, I believe it misses the mark with the referee.

Photo copyright 2010. Alana Fisher.

The ethos expounded by Bill Boorman focusses on the role of  the Community DJ – which personally, I think far better captures the role.  Community Manager implies control, direction.  DJ suggests the role is more about creating the right environment for a community to thrive. Indeed, in many of the better matches I’ve seen (whether football or otherwise) the referee creates a flowing game, rather than an exhibition in control.

Also – as I recently discovered, Paul Jacobs deserves the credit for ” Community DJ”.

What makes the perfect community manager or DJ in your world?

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