James Mayes

Blog: Where’s the value in being sentimental?

In Blogging, Personal, Personal Development, Social Media on August 22, 2011 at 6:30 am

I wrote a post recently concerning a possible renaming exercise for this blog.  The for and against, plus some really helpful comments, can be found here. Short version: the name stays, but the theme and layout could use a little work.

Something came out of the exercise that warrants further discussion though, this digital age seeing a faster pace of change than ever. I had a gut feeling that despite the changing focus of the blog, the name was still sound. I wanted to rationalise, and indeed, take on some feedback from other people who both read this blog and also run their own. I guess as much as anything, I wanted to stick with the name because of emotional attachment, but wanted to be sure it was justified for wider reasons.

On reflection, it certainly was. Comments like “genuinely authentic”, “personal and honest” and “we get a sense of you” suggest that while the title isn’t a perfect reflection of the subject matter, sticking with it and talking through in public  has assured me that I’m staying on course with all that I aspire to be (transparent, reasoned, honest).

Considering the reasons in favour of the change, they were all sound technically, but none driven by my aspirational values; sentimentality in this case being better than technical accuracy

Do we move too fast in search of technical excellence, ignoring the things that make us who we truly are? If so, we risk becoming less than we all aspire to be.

  1. Good thinking; sound logic always makes room for a little sentiment.

    You’ve reminded me to add yours to my blogroll.


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