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Blog: #trulondon horror stories

In Blogging, Community, Conference, Recruitment, Social Media, Social Recruiting on September 2, 2011 at 2:25 pm

#trulondonAt the previous #trulondon3 event was born #trugrads – a number of the leading experts on the day agreed to mentor a group of young graduates looking for their first job.  Today, the second day of TruLondon 4, a number of them returned.

The first and most important point is that they have had some fabulous successes – a great testament to their own efforts and a great reflection on the generosity of the mentors who stepped forward.

However, I was stunned by a couple of other reports, as follows:

  1. The top four management consultancy who put a graduate through the full assessment cycle, over a period of months, and finally emailed him to say “Congrats, you got the job”.  Clearly delighted with the news, he immediately rang his entire family.  One struggles to imagine the emotions a short while later, when the second email landed to say he wasn’t actually being offered a job, it was all a mistake.
  2. The recruitment firm who agreed to take some on as a trainee consultant, signed contracts and arranged start dates. In the few weeks before that start date arrived, Finance apparently decided to withdraw the funding and the offer was rescinded – AFTER resigning from a previous post.
  3. The interview where French language skills were required, not tested and the subsequent (negative) feedback focussed ENTIRELY on the French skills. Knowing the candidate concerned – she’s fluent!
#trulondon is a travelling collective of passionate, committed people who want to make the industry better (and if possible, do it with exciting technology) – but there’s so much more that requires attention.
  1. That sucks, not surprising but it sucks none the less.

  2. If those examples are true James, they should be named and shamed

    • They’re all true – the candidates concerned know where this is posted – I’ve left the call to them as to naming & shaming – comments are open and unmoderated!

  3. I have a couple of examples from my own recent experiences that’ll I add further down the line. It’s so sad to see it going on – having worked in the recruitment world for seven years I am probably a bit more pragmatic about these things compared to grads.

    Good luck to all those affected, onwards and upwards.

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