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Blog: Don’t overwhelm your followers (Buffer review)

In Social Media, Social Recruiting, Start-ups, Twitter, Twitter Tips, Uncategorized on September 19, 2011 at 9:03 pm

Schedule tweetsI’ve noticed recently I have a tendency to send a flurry of tweets when I’m sat on a train for an extended period – reading news, blogs, reviews, sharing the things I like.  Wondering whether this was wise, I started considering scheduling. It’s not something I’ve done in the past, but I want to be a little considerate of followers – just because I’m reading a load of great articles at 6.30am doesn’t mean anyone else is up. Better for both of us if I share at a more reasonable time.

A quick scout round led me to Buffer – a relatively new site which appears to be rather smart.  Rather than the scheduling I’ve seen before (create a tweet, attach a link, specify a time for it to go), Buffer adds a more interesting layer.  It allows you to store up links to share in future, tweeting them when you’re not active – and analysing the best times to do so.

There are extensions for Chrome, Firefox etc as well as mobile apps to allow you to add to your Buffer straight from the article you’re reading. You can specify the Buffer pattern too – so for now, I’ve set mine up for lighter tweeting at weekends, since I know that better replicates both my own activity and that of my followers. You can also use your own bit.ly account details for better analytics, your own custom URL, etc.

This functionality is all free (limit of one Twitter account, one user, ten tweets buffered at any time).  If you’re running a corporate account and need team access, or you need to manage multiple accounts, you can pay for the premium version. There are $10/mo and $30/mo if you need something more substantial.  Oh, and if you refer a friend, you both get a bonus space added to your buffer.  Go on, try it out here (yes, that’ll be disclosure!).

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