James Mayes

Blog: Google Plus goes fully open – but where next?

In Google+, LinkedIn, Social Media, Social Recruiting on September 21, 2011 at 7:54 am

I’ve been keeping a watching eye on Google Plus since it launched – but I’ll confess I’ve not given it as much time as I’d like. I’ve explored a little more over the last week, mostly as an observer than a poster/commenter.

I’ve gone out looking for friends, family, peers, etc, and I’ve spent some time seeking posts, photos and video to see what’s coming my way. A month or two back, not much. Today, considerably more – but still nothing like the volume (or quality) I get on Twitter.

Of course, today’s announcement that Plus is into formal beta and not just field trial means it’s open for all.  It’s not the full enchilada though, as it’s still not supporting Google Apps accounts – and if Google want to inspire serious online collaboration on the platform, that needs to happen, and soon. I do see it as a move which will accelerate growth though.

Question is, what kind of growth? Is the tone already set for Google Plus – or will it evolve as it goes mainstream?  Not a question I can answer right now. What I can do is leave you with a simple summation of where I think its at right now; based on my current experience, primary usage is professional, content is rich and Hangouts are way cool.

Net result? Google have created LinkedIn for Content with free Premium Skype. It’s not the end game, by any stretch… but based on the success of those two platforms and the interesting collaboration potential when Google Apps comes on board, I’m not writing it off any time soon.

Oh – if you want to come find me – right here!

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