James Mayes

Blog: How do you measure the Google Plus effect?

In Google+, Social Media, Social Recruiting on September 21, 2011 at 8:41 pm

So it’s still new, it’s only just gone to full public beta and it sure doesn’t have the million+ third-party apps, tools and accessories that Twitter now has.  I’ve blogged about a number of those in the past, so how’s about a look at a Google+ tool?

Clearly, this is fresh – I mean, alpha fresh. As the site explains “Disclaimer: Alpha version, script may be broken at times as I change stuff…“.  So let’s be honest, it’s not that slick yet, but once senses promise.  You simply drop in your Plus profile number (the long digit in the web address when you view your own profile) and bang, useful things happen.

google plus statisticsHere’s cut of my stats recently (as you can see, not a huge amount of activity on this platform just yet!) – but the break out of comments per post, +1’s per post is certainly a starting point for me to track performance. It’ll report most popular posts, activity by day, hour, etc. and I’ll go ahead and suggest that all this functionality will improve quickly.

What’s also rather useful though, is the ability to look at anyone else’s stats. There’s no requirement to sign in with your account – so simply pick up the profile number for another user, take a look at what they’ve been up to! By way of demonstrating this (and also what a busy person on G+ looks like!) – this is the per-hour posting breakdown for Robert Scoble….

google plus statsWanna check out out? Head here. No sign up, no fees, just drop in a profile number. While you’re there, come find me too!

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