James Mayes

Infographic: Killer stats on Google Plus

In Google+, Infographic on September 21, 2011 at 9:30 am

So Google Plus opens to the world today. Over the last few weeks, I’ve explored a little more and posted some thoughts earlier today. Now found this infographic, which seems to back up some of my thoughts around it being a hub for professional networking with a high rich-content factor. Click to get the larger version – enjoy!

Be interesting to see how this changes a month or two down the line – after all, the loose restriction to invite-only so far would have influenced it more towards early adopters sharing links on Twitter etc.  Wonder if anyone has stats on the source of new-user clicks so far?

  1. But how many of those 26m users are actually posting anything? Everyone I know who has set an account posted a little bit to begin with and then haven’t touched it since.

    • From what I see, roughly one third of my circled folk are active. Suggestion from others I know that mirror that. After the F8 announcements, it all gets very interesting!

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