James Mayes

Blogs and babies, part 2!

In Blogging, Personal on September 22, 2011 at 11:31 am

When our second child, Kate arrived nigh on eighteen months ago, I wasn’t much up for blogging the details, explaining why in clear terms.  This morning, I read an awesome post [NSFW!] by Jamie Leonard – a Dad, a recruiting industry legend and a man known for sharing his honest thoughts about pretty much anything.  Today’s was as honest and exhilarating as I’ve come to expect, but rather than an industry rant, he talked about the recent arrival of his daughter.

It made me laugh, it made me cry (just a little!) and it made me reflect.  That done, there are just a few things I’ll share.  Not quite in the hilarity Jamie has managed, but worth reading, I hope.

  1. They tell you parenthood gets easier. They lie. Other parents say this to convince you to join the club and suffer with them.  It doesn’t get easier at all.  It does change though. It starts as a physical endurance test to see how little sleep you can actually survive on, moves through the stress testing of the toddler years, then back into physical assault as they get old enough to demand you carry them and their bike up the hill whilst simultaneously booting you somewhere sensitive with a dangling welly boot. I anticipate a serious emotional onslaught to arrive with the teenage years, but maybe I get some breathing space first.
  2. “Have another one – two is easier.” Again with the lies from more experienced parents. It’s not easier, it’s just a less substantial mind-shift than the first time because your defences are already busted and you have no idea what a lazy Sunday looks like anymore. It’s lies with good intent though, because what they really mean is “I’ve watched my two/three kids grow into great relationships with one another and I’d hate to see you deprive yours of that”. Easier though? Like hell.
  3. You expect to love your children from the day they’re born. You don’t expect to fall in love with them though. Little by little, day after day, month after month, a little bit more all the time. You never realised quite the capacity you had.

OK, that’s enough about the children. I’ll be back soon with something  recruitment or technology related. In the meantime, if you like reading great blogs about babies and children, go say Hi to Jane. She does this stuff regularly – and far better than me!

  1. Personally i think you do baby blogging well


  2. Loved the post mate, and it lead on nicely after my melt down about the birth and the few days after. And it has scared the me half to death, so thanks for that as well.

    • Excellent stuff. Of course, you’ll have to worry about the whole boyfriends thing in a few years. So far with Harry keeping a good look-out (and me bribing him to do so), I’m hoping Kate will remain single well into her thirties.

  3. Honest and touching post – great photos too.

  4. I can assure you, you WILL want your daughters to have boyfriends before they’re thirty! I know our two daughters aren’t that old yet (21 & 18), but we want them to be settled and happy by the time they’re that age ………. and living elsewhere!! ;o)

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