James Mayes

Infographic: The Google Brain

In Google+, Infographic, Personal on October 11, 2011 at 8:58 pm

I’ve been conscious recently that my memory is changing.  Not in some “old guy” kind of way (though that might also be happening!) but in terms of what I remember and how.  I’ve always associated particular keywords with topics very easily – and when someone mentions a topic on which I’ve previously read a relevant article, even if it was years ago I’ll be able to find that article in seconds.

Conversely, I no longer remember phone numbers, email addresses or dates – everything lives on my shiny little Android helper.  I was delighted then, when I found someone had done a decent job of piecing the various aspects of this into Google to see the complete picture. Rather fascinating.  The opener is below, the link to the full graphic follows. Enjoy!

How Google thinks

Full infograhic can be found here. Thanks to onlinecolleges.net

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