James Mayes

Blog: Can Facebook deliver Social Recruiting?

In Facebook, Recruitment, Social Media, Social Recruiting on October 21, 2011 at 1:43 pm

So Facebook decided to do jobs huh? It was only a matter of time. The platform certainly has enough users / data to make an impact, and  unemployment figures are certainly high on most government agendas right now.  Question is, what kind of recruiting will it be? Depending on who you ask, social recruiting can mean a wide variety of different things. Even Wikipedia admits the concept is “contested”.

I start with an oft-heard definition of social media itself: people having conversations online. In line with the higher standards some companies are starting to set, I’d then want to see great content to support organisational awareness, cultural development, maybe even upskilling of those interested in the employer concerned.  I’ve written more than enough on different aspects of social recruiting previously and won’t digress further now – my point is that this offering from Facebook is a first step.  As such, it’s much like the first forays of recruiters online twenty years ago – job listings.

I’m not seeing anything social here, other than the use of a social platform itself.  Obviously, with the depth of data and complexity of platform available, Facebook may do more in future – alternatively, could this be a line in the sand? Facebook laying down a minimal baseline? Does this say to vendors ” job distribution should be free – if you want to use Facebook as a platform you’d best find ways of making it more engaging than ever before”?  That, it seems, would align more closely with the way Facebook works with marketeers.

Game-changing? Not yet. Good thing? Absolutely! It’ll be another prod to employers to ensure they have a rounded strategy, to take social platforms seriously. It’ll also make sure vendors add something of value to the game, in order to ensure they’re not simply swept away. Like!

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