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Blog: Reporting for spam on Twitter? What’s reasonable?

In Community, Social Media, Social Recruiting, Twitter, Twitter Tips on November 30, 2011 at 6:26 pm

Got in a debate yesterday with someone reference reporting spam on Twitter.  She doesn’t, I do.  Twitter themselves want to fight spam and have hired more for that team recently – and one of the things they’ll no doubt be doing is building smarter algorithms to challenge spam accounts faster.

One of the main learning points for those algorithms will be the accounts that people have manually reported for spam in the past, so by playing an active part, I’d hope I help improve both my personal experience of Twitter – and the quality of the platform as a whole.

For my part, I tend to report the following types of account for spam:

  • Those who Follow/Unfollow instantly, just in the hope of bringing themselves to my attention.
  • Anything that spams a whole bunch of individuals (usually iphone giveaways in my case. No idea why).
  • Those that tweet nothing but promotional sales material AND @mention me without good cause
  • Any application account that causes my own account to tweet without my express permission.

The last is probably the one that annoys me the most, but I guess it’s actually slightly off topic for this post.  Returning to the point, my friend (she’ll identify herself in the comments if she wants!) says no – she feels everyone and every business should feel free to use Twitter as they wish.  I’ll accept that, provided those actions don’t deliberately downgrade my experience of the platform.

What I’d like to do now is update this post with my thoughts – but before I do, I’m going to throw it out there…. I being unreasonable?

Blog: A new experience on the horizon: #srconf Paris!

In Blogging, Community, Conference, Personal Development, Recruitment, Social Media, Social Recruiting on November 24, 2011 at 1:53 pm

Been a busy few months at the BNT Tower – some major new developments in the pipe, combining with some excellent client feedback (special thanks Unilever!) and all the while conference season has been in full flow. Coming to the end of it now though and really looking forward to wrapping up with the Social Recruiting Conference in Paris.

Social Recruiting Conference ParisRun by Vic and Alan, #srconf London has established itself on the calendar with two first class events in recent times. Now though, they’re spreading their wings… and Paris is calling.  Having recently attended HR Tech Europe, I was struck by the vast market variance in different countries around Europe.  While that event took the wider continental viewpoint and covered HR technology generally, this event will really hone in on social platforms in use in France.

As with London events, there’s a strong speaker line-up, heavy on practitioners who actually deliver operationally – real experience, lessons good and bad, I always find great take-aways from these kind of sessions.  In this case particularly though, it’s the difference between the UK & French markets which I think will provide the most learning points.

Sure, Facebook is pretty ubiquitous now – but I’m intrigued to learn more about Viadeo and how it differs from LinkedIn – not so much in functionality, but in actual usage. I’m keen to learn more about the “creepy line” – everyone has a point at which they feel social media becomes intrusive – but to what extent does that differ from country to country?

I’ll live-tweet the event as best I can (follow me here) – and look forward to blogging my highlights when we’re done!

Blog: The Mobile and Video in Recruitment conference visual summary #mvir

In Conference, Infographic, Mobile, Recruitment, Social Media, Social Recruiting, Video on November 17, 2011 at 4:08 pm

Attending the second Mobile and Video in Recruitment event today – wanted to share a couple of key things.  Firstly, a visualisation of the twitter stream today:

mobile and video in recruitment conference

Next up, I think probably one of the most important things on the day.  Candidates WANT to use mobile technology for jobseeking. Not just browsing, but applying, learning, following up. We’re not talking a minority either:

Finally – I’d recommend checking in on Dave Martin‘s blog of the day.  Dave spoke this morning and has captured his key takeaways here.

Blog: Should you unfriend / unfollow / unlink me?

In Blogging, Community, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Social Media, Twitter on November 15, 2011 at 5:29 pm

I’m looking for an app.  Usually, I find what I’m looking for pretty quickly. On occasion, I’ve hacked together a mix of things to suit the purpose. On this occasion though, I’m drawing a blank.  This all goes back a few months to a Twitter debate with my old friend Merv.  I posted on the blog and Mervyn pointed out that as he was connected to me on numerous platforms, he was rather inundated with notifications.

It’s an accurate observation, as any new post here will go to LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook immediately. It’ll end up other places too, in due course. I do that intentionally because I want a variety of feedback and because my presence (and thus network) on each of those platforms differs.  Still, Merv struck a chord.  Am I inadvertently spamming people who’ve chosen to connect with me?

First pass on the analytics tells me my post-to-many plan isn’t all bad.  I have just under 2.5k followers on Twitter, just over 2.5k connections on LinkedIn, under 400 friends on Facebook.  The Facebook connections are predominantly outside the tech and recruitment industries – so the feedback I get from those readers is valuable to me. It’s fresh, untainted by constantly moving in the same sphere I live and breathe.

So what about the LinkedIn/Twitter audience?  Last time I checked (I can’t now, the Tweets app in LinkedIn appears a bit screwy!) – roughly 25% of my LinkedIn connections were also on Twitter.  I doubt all of them follow me, but let’s be generous and say they all do. That still leaves 75% of 2800 connections not picking up my blog via Twitter – and therefore justifies posting to both.

So the app I need then?  I need something to help me identify if I’m connected to the same person across multiple platforms. But when I get that information, what then?  I don’t want to spam you, but neither do I want to sever a connection without explanation and have to rectify that situation.  So I also want that app to be able to alert these individuals to the multiple connection points and ask what THEY think. Do they feel spammed? Would they rather disconnect in a few places?

How to close off? Well, as I said to begin with, I don’t have that app right now. But I do have a voice.  I’ve said before I use this blog to test out thoughts, gain feedback – here’s your chance! This is an open invitation to unfriend, unfollow or unlink me if you feel you get the same stuff in too many places from me.  Ideally, I’d do this more carefully by identifying those cross-platform connections and talking directly – but since I lack the tech to do this, I figure we just go open season on it!

I’ve noted connection numbers on those three platforms – I’ll report back any significant changes next week!

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