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Blog: A new experience on the horizon: #srconf Paris!

In Blogging, Community, Conference, Personal Development, Recruitment, Social Media, Social Recruiting on November 24, 2011 at 1:53 pm

Been a busy few months at the BNT Tower – some major new developments in the pipe, combining with some excellent client feedback (special thanks Unilever!) and all the while conference season has been in full flow. Coming to the end of it now though and really looking forward to wrapping up with the Social Recruiting Conference in Paris.

Social Recruiting Conference ParisRun by Vic and Alan, #srconf London has established itself on the calendar with two first class events in recent times. Now though, they’re spreading their wings… and Paris is calling.  Having recently attended HR Tech Europe, I was struck by the vast market variance in different countries around Europe.  While that event took the wider continental viewpoint and covered HR technology generally, this event will really hone in on social platforms in use in France.

As with London events, there’s a strong speaker line-up, heavy on practitioners who actually deliver operationally – real experience, lessons good and bad, I always find great take-aways from these kind of sessions.  In this case particularly though, it’s the difference between the UK & French markets which I think will provide the most learning points.

Sure, Facebook is pretty ubiquitous now – but I’m intrigued to learn more about Viadeo and how it differs from LinkedIn – not so much in functionality, but in actual usage. I’m keen to learn more about the “creepy line” – everyone has a point at which they feel social media becomes intrusive – but to what extent does that differ from country to country?

I’ll live-tweet the event as best I can (follow me here) – and look forward to blogging my highlights when we’re done!

  1. Thanks James. Looking forward to your input throughout the day and for the great engagement you generate with the twitterati.

    Don’t forget the hashtag folks: #SRCONF

  2. Yup I’ll be following…just waiting for Alan to say he wants to bring the show across the pond 🙂

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