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Blog: SOPA, website blackouts, the future of the internet

In Social Media, Software Development, Start-ups, Video on January 18, 2012 at 12:51 pm

As you may have heard, many sites around the world today are blacked out. Not small, activist sites but sites like Wikipedia and Reddit. Google US has a tagline asking visitors to take action and has produced an infographic on the topic.  This site remains live purely because I have enough technical knowledge to damage it beyond repair if I attempt a 24 hour blackout. I’m therefore using today not to talk about recruitment or social technology, but to share awareness of the topic.

Rather than give you my own partially formed analysis, I’ll give you this summary from VentureBeat (the full article includes more detail on the proposals and on the blackout campaign):

SOPA and PIPA would give the U.S. government and copyright holders the authority to seek court orders against foreign-operated websites associated with infringing, pirating or counterfeiting intellectual property. If it becomes law, it could drastically change the way the Internet operates. For example, if a website is accused of containing copyright-infringing content, the site could be blocked by ISPs, de-indexed from search engines and even prevented from doing business online with services like PayPal.

I’d also like to offer you this short video by way of further insight. Thanks to Stephen O’Donnell for this.

  1. […] jQuery("#errors*").hide(); window.location= data.themeInternalUrl; } }); } musingsfromsussex.com – Today, 7:10 […]

  2. It’s healthy to resist, and push back once in a while.

  3. Update: As an example of just how poor the proposed legislation is, the Congressman proposing it managed to breach it with his OWN campaign website. Full details from the injured party here. Enjoy. http://jmay.es/zxqCQQ

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