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Event: State of the Browser – free ticket!

In Conference, Mobile, Software Development, Start-ups on April 26, 2012 at 8:58 am

London Web StandardsDifferent one from me today. Booked myself a ticket to this event a while back, but overlooked my daughter’s birthday tea party… clearly more important! I don’t want the ticket to go to waste though… this event will take a great look at how different browsers are being used, the impact of mobile, gaming, TV, etc. There are representatives from the major browser firms on hand too. The event is in London (Greenwich) on Saturday 28th April.

Here’s the deal:  leave a comment below. One paragraph only on where you hope the browser will be in two years time.  I’ll review at noon BST on Friday 29th April and whichever I think is the most intriguing answer gets the ticket.  If the winner wants to write up thoughts, reflections or an event summary afterwards, I’d very much like to post it up here as a Guest Slot next week, but it’s your call.

Ready…. Steady…. Go!

Blog: Microsoft’s Dropbox alternative – SkyDrive (with free upgrade)

In Gadgets, Mobile on April 24, 2012 at 10:09 am

Microsoft are moving with the times and the next version of Windows (Windows 8) takes a tiled approach on the main desktop with apps aplenty. If you want to check it out, the preview is available for free download and install here (note: it’s beta – which means buggy – though I’ve been using it happily for a few months now).

One of the apps they’re really pushing is SkyDrive – a cloud storage app for your personal files, music, whatever.  It competes with offerings from Google, Apple, DropBox, Box and no doubt many others. To garner users in a lively category, Microsoft have upped the levels of storage on offer for free. DropBox for example starts at 2gb for free accounts – SkyDrive offers 7gb right off the bat.

However, to really push the launch, sign up now and you’ll get 25gb. It’s a time-limited offer (no idea on how long). Sign in with a Microsoft Live account, click for the free upgrade, job done. Go here for more!

skydrive free upgrade

Blog: Using WiFi for Recruitment? #rcvs #mobile

In Conference, Facebook, Mobile, Recruitment, Social Recruiting on April 18, 2012 at 10:51 am

Attended an excellent Reconverse event last week focussed on use of mobile apps, websites etc. (candidate survey results here). This post though, is a slight tangent to that session.  Much discussion of SMS, bluetooth and so on. Got my head ticking over and started me thinking about wifi hotspots. They’re more widely available than ever but still seem under-utilised.

Many free hotspots I see require the user to go through a quick splash page, clicking to agree to terms and conditions. Fair enough, you’re using a free resource.  However, that’s pretty much all they ever do. Seems like an opportunity to me.  If you can throw up a guest wifi access point in a talent-specific location (say for a skills-focussed conference or at a coffee shop near a major IT employer), the splash page can be:

  • Branded
  • Device optimised (tab, laptop, phone)
  • Location specific

When asking people to accept the terms of use for free wifi, it’d be more than possible to add a few check boxes. Opt out of job opportunity messages? Opt out of future offers? For details capture, either a single email address box, or implement Facebook Connect.  Indeed, no reason a reward mechanism couldn’t also be considered – give us your details, get 60 mins free wifi with a cloud wifi provider to use any time you like.

Seems a relatively untested area so far, but not an expensive one to explore. I’ve only come up with two real challenges so far:

  1. Splash pages can be annoying on a phone if you don’t realise you have to go sign in. Messaging around the venue can resolve that.
  2. Clearly, skills-specific locations will limit the breadth of application.

Final thought – for event organisers – why is the wifi never branded in any way? Often you’ll see “Wifi sponsored by XXX” in the programme. Why not set the password for the day to the brand name in question? If I actually have to type that company’s name to get on the Wifi, I’m far more likely to remember it!

Thoughts, comments, challenges appreciated!

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