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Blog: Microsoft’s Dropbox alternative – SkyDrive (with free upgrade)

In Gadgets, Mobile on April 24, 2012 at 10:09 am

Microsoft are moving with the times and the next version of Windows (Windows 8) takes a tiled approach on the main desktop with apps aplenty. If you want to check it out, the preview is available for free download and install here (note: it’s beta – which means buggy – though I’ve been using it happily for a few months now).

One of the apps they’re really pushing is SkyDrive – a cloud storage app for your personal files, music, whatever.  It competes with offerings from Google, Apple, DropBox, Box and no doubt many others. To garner users in a lively category, Microsoft have upped the levels of storage on offer for free. DropBox for example starts at 2gb for free accounts – SkyDrive offers 7gb right off the bat.

However, to really push the launch, sign up now and you’ll get 25gb. It’s a time-limited offer (no idea on how long). Sign in with a Microsoft Live account, click for the free upgrade, job done. Go here for more!

skydrive free upgrade

  1. One of my old clients used to SkyDrive me stuff – total and utter nightmare to use in my opinion. It would never seem to download anything cleanly or in a format that I could access happily. Spent ages reformatting text each and every time!

    I’m looking forward to Google Drive. 5gb but full Google awesomeness…

  2. Thanks James, nice find.

    With this plus Google, DropBox and iCloud I’m almost done but not quite. Just need someone to develop the app that you send all stuff from and connects them all. Microsoft, Google & Apple all working together that would be nice.

  3. […] Blog: Microsoft’s Dropbox alternative – SkyDrive (with free upgrade) (musingsfromsussex.com) […]

  4. From my personal experience i feel LiveDrive is probably the best alternative. I mean accessing your files from any corner of the world is so seamless with this one.

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