James Mayes

Blog: So what’s going on here then?

In Personal, Recruitment, Start-ups on May 10, 2012 at 9:52 am

As many have noticed, I moved on from BraveNewTalent a month or so back. During the intervening period, I’ve been asked many times what I was going to do next.  Truth is, I’ve been enjoying the opportunity to evaluate a half dozen different things. Projects, tools, platforms, permanent jobs, all sorts. Might also explain why I’ve been rather quieter than usual on the Twitter and blog front!

So, with that quiet contemplation in mind, I figured it might be wise to offer an update. First up, I’m doing some consulting work. Short term projects, immediate benefit for clients and obviously, it allows me to remain independent for a while longer. Yes, I’m remaining in the technology/recruiting/social space – but consulting is not my long term plan…

… so, second, I have two start-ups in mind.  One is a technology product build, the other a service-oriented build. Unfortunately, the story ends there, for now. I’m not necessarily trying to be secretive, or to follow those who suggest stealth is a start-up’s biggest advantage. It’s more related to the desire to prove both the concepts are right before I go public – alpha iteration, you might say!

I’m making solid progress with both and I’m enjoying the experience immensely. Indeed, at least one of the two should get a public airing soon.  So many lessons from previous projects are proving relevant at this time, it truly feels like this is the culmination of many years learning.

I’ve also found over the years I much prefer multiple projects to single-focus tasks – so starting things from  scratch is perfect for me, even more so when one takes the lead and the other is a back-seat project for those evenings or weekends when I feel the need to delve into something different…

Good times!  I’ll share more when I’m ready – but if you enjoy being a sounding board for ideas, you know where to find me – happy to talk more.

  1. Great news!

    I would love to help or advice if you need anything at all, my friend! 🙂

    Time to get fired up an look forward!

  2. Good luck mate, we should try and catch up soon.

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