James Mayes

Moving to a self-hosted blog?

In Blogging, Personal Development, Social Media on November 6, 2012 at 3:18 pm

So this almost happened as a tweet – but then I figured I had more than 140 characters of questions, and likely as not, some of you have similarly lengthy opinions – so I’m putting it here instead!

Been running this site since February 2010. It was a quick launch to begin with, just a standard theme on a WordPress-hosted account. It’s served me well enough and while it’s due a refresh on theme, I’ve loved the service provision from WordPress.  More though, I’m seeing plug-ins I’d like to use to evolve what I do with the site.  I’d like to experiment more… and I think self-hosted is the next step.

First up… for those who’ve made this transition before, what’re the scary parts? What screwed you over? Do the benefits outweigh things like maintenance and cost overheads?

Second… any recommendations on hosting? Not up for running my own box, so I’ll be purchasing a service somewhere – and as with most things, peer recommendation will count heavily!

All contributions gratefully received!


  1. Hi James,

    I use a hosting provider for hosting my blog. Can’t say the costs are that high (depends a bit on the amount of traffic you generate), I pay about 1 euro a month for the hosting, and 2 for the .com.

    I can’t say anything about exporting your current database, since I have never done that, but I can imagine that a quick google search will give you the answer.

  2. Hi James,

    I’ve used http://www.justhost.com/ for years. Service has been very good and prices are reasonable. Note, they do offer attractive prices to join but not when you renew. Overall still well priced however you will find cheaper.

    All the best with the move.

  3. James, thinking the same thing myself. If you give it a go. let me know how you get on.

  4. Hi James,

    I use WP Engine for WordPress hosting through Pragmatic Web. It’s £25 + VAT per month but well worth it for a lightning fast site with nothing to worry about (crashing / backups etc).




    • Hmm. Appreciate the recco, but that seems awful steep compared to many I’m seeing. Having a good scout round, $5-10/month seems the going rate!

      • True, though in my experience $5 – $10 hosting tends to be slow and sometimes unreliable.

        The Pragmatic package includes managed upgrades and a dedicated staging site as standard, but if you were only looking for hosting it’s only £12.50 + VAT per month.



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