James Mayes

Last one of the year… The love-in!

In Community, Personal on December 29, 2012 at 11:53 am

Thank youTaken a little time offline recently, but want to put out one final thing for this year… Just a small shout of appreciation for some who’ve really made a difference to my year.

Bill Boorman – unstinting generosity with his knowledge and connections and a supportive friend to those in need.

Jonny Campbell – partner in crime for a few events this year. A font knowledge, a ball of energy and a thoroughly decent guy.

Katharine Robinson – the smartest sourceress of her age (apologies to JK Rowling!). Always open to ideas and often a much needed voice of reason.

Crystal Miller – an appetite for life, the universe and everything which has scarce been matched. Energises all those lucky enough to spend time in her company.

Eze Vidra – the man behind techbikers. Achieved a truly wonderful thing in a very short space of time, the highlight of many people’s year. Made a huge impact on me. A cracking support team around him, too many wonderful people to mention – you know who you are.

Finally, heading the field – Jamie Leonard. It’d damage his reputation if I truly offered the compliments he deserves for his unstinting help and support this year, so I’ll hold back on the bromance and simply offer my thanks. Man of the Year, no question.

2012, you’ve been emotional. To all out there, especially those not mentioned – may 2013 bring you all you wish for.

  1. James, each time I get the chance to talk with you? I come out the better for it. I’m extremely grateful to you and look forward to more talks & some scheming in 2013!
    PS – love the snow! 😉

  2. […] Leonard – Man of the Year I was voted Man of the Year…. OK, it was just be mans opinion, but hey, when was the last time even one person voted […]

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