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Social media image size cheat sheet

In Facebook, Facebook tips, Google+, Infographic, LinkedIn, Social Media, Social Recruiting, Twitter, Twitter Tips, Video on January 15, 2013 at 11:18 am

Something that’s been a pain to me in the past, and no doubt a constant pain to everyone else who’s ever tried to carefully prepare a social media page…. what size should the image be?

Luckily, problem solved. The wonderful guys over at LunaMetrics have done the hard work for us. Not only for images though, they’ve covered video preview sizes, caption box character limits, thumbnail sizes… everything!

Image size

What’s more, they’ve covered all this for

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest

If you build, customise or play with images, videos, thumbnails or layouts on any of the above sites…. you need this in your life!  Bookmark, enjoy! Full post here.


Blog: Should you unfriend / unfollow / unlink me?

In Blogging, Community, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Social Media, Twitter on November 15, 2011 at 5:29 pm

I’m looking for an app.  Usually, I find what I’m looking for pretty quickly. On occasion, I’ve hacked together a mix of things to suit the purpose. On this occasion though, I’m drawing a blank.  This all goes back a few months to a Twitter debate with my old friend Merv.  I posted on the blog and Mervyn pointed out that as he was connected to me on numerous platforms, he was rather inundated with notifications.

It’s an accurate observation, as any new post here will go to LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook immediately. It’ll end up other places too, in due course. I do that intentionally because I want a variety of feedback and because my presence (and thus network) on each of those platforms differs.  Still, Merv struck a chord.  Am I inadvertently spamming people who’ve chosen to connect with me?

First pass on the analytics tells me my post-to-many plan isn’t all bad.  I have just under 2.5k followers on Twitter, just over 2.5k connections on LinkedIn, under 400 friends on Facebook.  The Facebook connections are predominantly outside the tech and recruitment industries – so the feedback I get from those readers is valuable to me. It’s fresh, untainted by constantly moving in the same sphere I live and breathe.

So what about the LinkedIn/Twitter audience?  Last time I checked (I can’t now, the Tweets app in LinkedIn appears a bit screwy!) – roughly 25% of my LinkedIn connections were also on Twitter.  I doubt all of them follow me, but let’s be generous and say they all do. That still leaves 75% of 2800 connections not picking up my blog via Twitter – and therefore justifies posting to both.

So the app I need then?  I need something to help me identify if I’m connected to the same person across multiple platforms. But when I get that information, what then?  I don’t want to spam you, but neither do I want to sever a connection without explanation and have to rectify that situation.  So I also want that app to be able to alert these individuals to the multiple connection points and ask what THEY think. Do they feel spammed? Would they rather disconnect in a few places?

How to close off? Well, as I said to begin with, I don’t have that app right now. But I do have a voice.  I’ve said before I use this blog to test out thoughts, gain feedback – here’s your chance! This is an open invitation to unfriend, unfollow or unlink me if you feel you get the same stuff in too many places from me.  Ideally, I’d do this more carefully by identifying those cross-platform connections and talking directly – but since I lack the tech to do this, I figure we just go open season on it!

I’ve noted connection numbers on those three platforms – I’ll report back any significant changes next week!

Blog: The biggest change since GooglePlus launched?

In Google+, Recruitment, Social Media, Social Recruiting on October 28, 2011 at 8:28 am

GooglePlus logoI’ve blogged a number of times previously on Google+. As a major social platform to compete with Facebook or Twitter, it’s not there yet. It’s worth recognising though, growth rate has been impressive and there’s still chance.  40m users globally, 2.5m in the UK, and recruiters already targeting the platform via search tools other than Google itself. Indeed, Google continues to migrate features from other services into the platform too.

One of the things I’ve been waiting for is the platform to open up to those running Google Apps accounts, not just private GMail addresses.  They have now – so why does this matter?

  1. I know a huge number of people who use Google Apps as part of their professional lives. The requirement to log out of Apps in order to log in to Plus (or swap between browser sessions) is a barrier to usage.  If I could stay logged into Plus the whole time, I’d be there more.  I know that’s the same for many others, so I expect to see usage stats rise as a result.
  2. If it’s being used more by people when they’re logged in with an Apps account, it would suggest those people are in the “work” frame of mind – I’m guessing this will lead to increasing numbers of professional discussions and information exchange on the platform.  All this will add to an already data-rich pile for recruiters to swim in.
  3. I know there are those out there who’ve never bothered signing up for Plus because they didn’t have a Gmail account and didn’t want to sign up for another email service just to get into Plus.  For those using Google Apps as work, problem solved – another barrier to entry removed.
  4. Some of the collaboration tools in Plus are professionally useful.  I for one love the Hangouts feature and have made significant use of it, both internally and with potential clients.  Now Plus is available to all Apps users, I wouldn’t be surprised to see businesses making more use of things like this (maybe replacing paid-for services such as GoToMeeting). That being the case, again, Plus usage generally will rise.

If you use Google Apps at work, you’ll have to ask your Apps account administrator to turn the function on.  This link gives relevant info.

If you think I’ve missed something or even called it wrong – let me know!

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