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Blog: Talent communities vs the natural world

In Community, Conference, Guest post, Recruitment, Social Recruiting on July 12, 2012 at 8:07 am

Originally written as a guest post for #SRConf, now here for my archives.

I’ve heard previously that the idea of community very much underpins education (and therefore talent) since the dawn of human development. Interesting concept, plenty of historical evidence.

Sitting on the beach recently, feeding seagulls with my kids it prompted me to consider how we develop Talent Communities. We talk of seeding with content, of talent attraction, of using these mechanisms to identify the rarer candidate.

We debate the value of the community manager, the role such a person should play. A brief experiment made it simple to draw some very fundamental conclusions. First, a short video (no, not the beach… maybe next time!)

Some observations:

  • Seeding (feeding) can have a pretty immediate impact (if the food is right!)
  • Attraction continues via signals we’re not always aware of
  • While the main contingent can probably be predicted, it’s the unusual arrival that may prove more interesting
  • Interest dies away without continuing new food/content
  • Finally – the unexpected can cause the very sudden disintegration of a community

Is there more to be found here? For me, some of these basic principles can provide guidance for us as we explore and evolve. Keeping it simple can indeed be effective!

The day #socialrecruiting got challenged

In Recruitment, Social Media, Twitter on July 8, 2010 at 3:37 pm

I recently saw a challenge laid out in a US blog which caught my eye.  Focussed very much on the shift from traditional recruiting techniques and job-boards to the emerging methods referred to most frequently as Social Recruiting, this challenge was focussed on Twitter.

The challenge was a very simple one, laid at the door of a couple of Twitter specialists in the US – “using your Twitter broadcast methods, find me candidates for XYZ job and prove your worth”.

The challenge was duly taken up and though I haven’t yet seen the final outcome, there’s another aspect I want to consider.  I’d rather look at the nature of the challenge itself.  “Find me candidates for XYZ job”. On the face of it, a fair challenge and something a traditional job board would probably have no issue with.  However, to apply this straight to the Social Recruiting world is to examine only a small part of the picture.

Social Recruiting is about community building.  It’s about identifying your target candidate market and communicating with them over a period of time, probably via multiple platforms.  Having them engage with your brand and values. Drawing your future candidates in and ensuring they’re not only accessible when needed, but more engaged with your organisation than your competitors.

If that sounds like the kind of recruitment you want in your organisation, then Social Recruiting could be a killer part of your arsenal. If you want to try Social Recruiting as a one-off, then maybe we need to talk through the concept again.

As always – feel free to take issue, praise, or just generally make your mark in the comments! If you want to check out the original challenge, it was issued May 14th, here.

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