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Blog: Looking forward to Social Media in Recruitment event #smir

In Conference, Recruitment, Social Recruiting on April 16, 2012 at 10:22 am

I’ve been a keen delegate at a couple of Mike’s events in this series before – indeed, the longest running series of recruiting Social Media events in the country, I believe. This time round, for the first time, I’ll be there without a company t-shirt to wear.  Looking forward to focussing on the content of the event and I’ll be live-tweeting the highlights as I go.  At the 2010 event, I went through the Twitter stream after and extracted some highlights – this year, I intend to contribute quite a few more!

The full programme for the event is available here.  Personally, I have a few highlights picked out already….

Vasco Castro – Head of Research at PotentialPark.  I’ve seen him present before and was impressed by the detail and evidence he was able to provide. Engaging and entertaining, it was a session with real depth, not simply theories that others could take away and test.  There’s much talk of the Candidate Experience at present, so it’ll be great to see Castro’s take on what the candidate perspective of social recruiting really is.

Steven Ehrlick – Global VP at the aia ad agency. Not seen him present previously and the ad agency world is one of the few parts of recruitment I’ve not spent time delving into. Should be a great learning experience for me, especially with the transatlantic nature of Steven’s experience.  UK and US recruitment practices seem to constantly be dancing around one another, but never completely aligned. Looking forward to seeing what trends Steven pulls out.

Adam Templeman – an actual practitioner, Head of Resourcing for a power company.  Having introduced social recruiting over the last year there, I’m hoping for a warts and all tale – the value for me is not just in the success stories (every supplier has a client they’ll use for that!) – I want to hear about what went wrong, how that was identified and fixed.  Should be great!

The organiser has already put up a few interviews with key speakers – if you want to join on the day, head on over here.

Blog: Teach, lead or inspire? #sxsw

In Conference, Personal Development, SXSWi on March 13, 2012 at 8:22 pm

Out at SXSW this week, with a huge range of thoughts to digest and debate when I return. Sitting by the Bat Bridge this afternoon, I was reminded of a childhood conversation which I wanted to share. There’s been much debate over the last few days of what leadership constitutes, particularly in the contexts of inspiring change, influencing action, etc.

Lead or inspireSimply, when I was about eight, I was somewhat pretentious in class.  I read more than most, liked playing with words.  My teacher of the time set me a clear challenge. Post-prandial perambulation, she said. Go learn to use a dictionary. Properly. Come back tomorrow, tell me what it means and where the words come from. No other homework for you.

Beautiful. I felt like I’d got off lightly compared to other tasks being set. What she actually managed to do was appeal to a side of me I hadn’t recognised at that age. She set off a life-long love of words, particularly of etymology.

I’d rather experience inspiration than leadership any day.

Blogpost: The #TruManchester Twitter Track:

In Personal Development, Recruitment, Social Media, Twitter on August 9, 2010 at 8:50 am

Keen watchers of the UK recruitment conference circuit will have noticed I’ll be getting involved in #TruManchester, 8/9th September. If the previous Tru events are anything to go by, it’ll be a free-flowing affair – open and collaborative learning with a healthy dose of networking.  I’m delighted Bill’s invited me to get involved in the Twitter track and I’m sure there’s much I can add.  I’m equally sure that the “question & discussion” environment of the Tru events will see me learning a few new things too.

So what can you expect of me?  Well, I plan to stick very much to the Tru spirit – no PowerPoint, we’re going for full-on participation.  I’d like to cover a number of aspects, but of course, this will be guided entirely by those present.  The focus will clearly be use of Twitter in the recruitment sector – but there are a number of points which don’t often get discussed by the recruiters I speak to on a regular basis, including:

  • Interaction between Twitter and other social platforms
  • Twitter’s plans for growth and revenue
  • The continuing evolution of geo-locational tools

Now comes the real unconference part of the post…  these things are MY current Twitter interests.  I want to know about yours.  Whether you’re attending in person, or plan on following via the hashtag, let me know where you need more.  I don’t want to wait till September to have this conversation.

The #tru conferences are certainly real-life events, but they are ongoing communities as well; if the sharing starts here, the discussion on the day will most certainly be the stronger for it – and it’ll prove, very publicly, that we practice what we preach.

Tweeted highlights from #SMIR conference

In LinkedIn, Personal Development, Recruitment, Social Media, Twitter on April 23, 2010 at 10:50 am

Rather than my usual reasoned (rambling?) posts, I thought I’d go with something a little different today.  The following are highlights from yesterday’s Social Media in Recruitment conference (#smir), which I’ve simply picked out from the Twitterstream for those who couldn’t be there and didn’t manage to follow.  If any fellow attendees have others, please do feel free to add them!  Great event, kudos to @MikeETaylor for the organisation – very smooth indeed.

@BillBoorman: My favourite quote at #SMIR I used to send my clients wine, now i send them Cows! (Farmville) – This came from @ElkieHolland’s presentation.

UKStaffSearch: 3million new signups a month, impressive stats for Linkedin! #SMIR

ChairmanSam: Key words from #SMIR Real-time, Recency, Relevance – the 3R’s quite fitting for a Conference on Recruitment via Social Media…

@garyr0binson: Need augmented reality app to locate all my Twitter friends in the audience at #SMIR

myworksearch#smir getting onto interesting Twitter lists can bring you to the attention of recruiters

vicokezie: Online communities enhances the human touch in the recruitment process #SMIR

SiteAdvisor#smir – People know where they want to work but they want to know about the job and company but in a social way – NOT corporate babble

BraveNewTalent: CK Clinical hired a social media recruitment manager after coming to #SMIR last year and has reaped the rewards. Every company shud hav one!

@CKClincal filled a director level role from a YouTube video!! #SMIRJonathan is inspiring!!

@WaasdorpiGI: 3D’s of social media: dedication, discipline and determination #smir

Kilkennykitten: Most Recs have a long way 2go re engaging job seekers. Most don’t even respond to job applications. Gr8 opptys for gr8 recruiters #SMIR

HRWPB#SMIR MAYBE I am obsessive about the subject am surprised noone has mentioned culture, they are all depending on it but not conscious of it

vicokezie: Cands that knows employers used social networking sites could claim reason not successful was discrimination, eg religion etc #smir

luciant: Surprised that the legal advice is still to block employees from using the web! That isn’t social! #SMIR

luciant: I strongly feel the legal risk of getting it wrong is not comparable to the phenomenal benefits of getting engagement right #SMIR

HRWPB#SMIR corporate organisations, scared about brands being in the hands of employees. Employee owned organisation is radically different

There will no doubt be fuller blog reports on this subject – including one already published by @topbananas with some video interviews.  Keep following #smir on Twitter for the wrap-up.

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