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Blog: If Twitter can’t do Mobile, what chance do YOU have?

In Mobile, Recruitment, Social Recruiting, Twitter on July 12, 2012 at 2:09 pm

Having started with social, many leading edge recruiters are turning their attention to mobile now. What tech exists, should we build apps, what constitutes a good mSite, do the traffic figures really warrant it, and so on. I’m a firm believer that mobile is an essential part of a fully formed recruitment strategy and represents one of the most important channels available. People smarter than I have written about why.

Recently, I’ve been looking at a few different approaches.  I was prompted by a tweet from Joel Cheeseman last night to take a closer look at Twitter’s approach. After all, this is a spectacularly well-funded company ($1.16b at last check), with an awesome brand, competing for the top 1% talent in possibly one of the tightest markets on earth. It’s also a company for whom mobile is ABSOLUTELY key (traffic stats, third party app developers, recent acquisitions all bear this out).

I’d rather hoped to find an awesome example of how mobile can really be leveraged.  Turns out, it was remarkably disappointing. I took a look specifically at the UK end of things – a new Twitter account devoted to working for Twitter in Europe recently opened up.

They’re tweeting job links, but as you’ll see from the screenshots below (Android device), neither the job landing page nor the application process have been subjected to much in the way of mobile optimisation.

(click to enlarge, each is a separate screenshot)


Twitter have the capability to do this in-house of course, but those engineers are focussed on the core product and Twitter, like many, have chosen the option to buy a platform. No problem there.

What surprises me is that they’ve chosen a platform which seems to do nothing to recognise mobile traffic when Twitter themselves are probably more aware than anyone of the growth in mobile traffic – even more so amongst the demographic likely to be interested in working for Twitter.

We could blame the platform powering this (JobVite) – but to my mind, Twitter simply chose badly! This isn’t a JobVite product write-up – it”s a comment on Twitter’s recruiting tech strategy.

So, did I miss something here? Are Twitter guilty of an epic fail? Is there any hope for more earthly recruiters when the corporates gods of mobile platforms miss the mark so widely?

Blog: FourSquare visualisation

In Conference, Foursquare, Mobile, Recruitment, Social Media, Social Recruiting, Start-ups, SXSWi on March 19, 2012 at 9:03 am
Just back from a week at SXSW, the year’s major global digital event. As always, loads of great new ideas and tools to share – but very much blown away by FourSquare this year. While not a new service, it certainly broke out in a way I haven’t witnessed first hand before. Previously, I’ve watched as people used competing geo-local services to organise and communicate, often with the activity being tied together on Twitter.
This year was different. FourSquare owned it, and not in a small way. Pretty much everyone I spent time with agreed FourSquare was their go-to place for geo-local discovery during the week, for meet-up organisations, for lunch planning, for parties, etc.  I’d love to see some traffic figures from the company on what happened during the week, and indeed whether those levels endure – but it was certainly amazing to watch and participate in. Example? I checked into the convention centre. Early users got excited by a Swarm badge for checking in with 50 other people. I checked in with over 3,700 other people on the second day.
Back to London now and contemplating implications of this.  I have another post on FourSquare in the works right now, but first up, I want to share a quick trick I found.  I felt Austin (SXSW host city) was fairly compact. Events around town, but all walkable. So how easy is it to extract info from FourSquare on my check-ins and verify this? Quite simple, as it happens!
  1. Log into the FourSquare website
  2. Take your 4sq KML feed from here
  3. Paste it into the search box here
  4. You’re done. Scroll and zoom as you please!

You’ll get the full history here. You can remove specific places if you choose and play with the display from there. Personally, I was just interested in my Austin adventures.

The next post will look in more detail at some specific usage which has relevance to recruiters. Right now though, I’d simply suggest if you’re using Facebook and Twitter as part of your social strategy but haven’t considered FourSquare, you have work to do – and not much time to do it in!

Blog: The Mobile and Video in Recruitment conference visual summary #mvir

In Conference, Infographic, Mobile, Recruitment, Social Media, Social Recruiting, Video on November 17, 2011 at 4:08 pm

Attending the second Mobile and Video in Recruitment event today – wanted to share a couple of key things.  Firstly, a visualisation of the twitter stream today:

mobile and video in recruitment conference

Next up, I think probably one of the most important things on the day.  Candidates WANT to use mobile technology for jobseeking. Not just browsing, but applying, learning, following up. We’re not talking a minority either:

Finally – I’d recommend checking in on Dave Martin‘s blog of the day.  Dave spoke this morning and has captured his key takeaways here.

Guest Post: Beyond the buzzwords

In Blogging, Guest post, Human Resources, LinkedIn, Mobile, Recruitment, Social Media, Social Recruiting on September 30, 2011 at 10:11 am

As you might have noticed, I enjoy hosting the occasional guest post.  It changes the voice, introduces new opinion and generally tends help keep things fresh. Delighted to offer up this effort from Kyle Lagunas. In his own words “Kyle is the HR Analyst at Software Advice – a company that does human resources software reviews. He blogs about trends, technology and best practices in HR and recruiting by day, and drinks entirely too much wine by night.” I’d also suggest if the mobile aspects light your fire, you check out this great infographic from Dave Martin.

The high volume demands of 21st century recruiting drive hiring professionals’ search for the next best thing for finding talent. Recruiters have always been quick on the uptake when it comes to new and innovative technology, especially if this technology makes it easier to stay connected. Lately, there’s a lot of buzz surrounding social recruiting and mobile recruiting – and many recruiters are blindly jumping on the bandwagon. But what’s just buzz, and what will become a permanent part of every recruiter’s toolbox?

Mobile Recruiting, Mobile Recruiting & Social Recruiting

If you don’t know what I’m talking about when I say “mobile recruiting,” don’t feel bad. Though you’ve clearly been living a rock, I think it’s safe to assume you aren’t alone. So before we answer my larger question, I think it would behoove us to establish exactly what we’re talking about.

When talking about mobile recruiting, there are two distinct things someone may be referring to. Mobile recruiting usually refers to tools and best practices for managing the recruiting process on the go. However, mobile recruiting can also refer to marketing and recruiting strategies that leverage SMS, QR code and mobile technology (a relatively new idea in the industry).

Social recruiting is the all-encompassing term for strategies leveraging social media outlets for sourcing and recruiting candidates. Some might argue that social recruiting is only reinventing the wheel – as hiring professionals have always drawn on their social networks – but this is something different. Social media is taking the wheel, and bringing it out of the Stone Age.

Mobile Recruiting: Apps and More

What started with the mobile phone has exploded into a new way of doing business. Mobile recruiting allows recruiters to do what they do best: stay connected. How? Apps. Recruiters love gadgets. And mobile apps are, like, so in right now. Beyond staples like LinkedIns mobileapp, there are a few recruiting apps that I really like.

  • JobScience puts the functionality of an applicant tracking system right into recruiters’ pockets. Access jobs, applications and contacts on the iPhone. Their nifty resume search completes this powerhouse package.
  • TrafficGeyser’s InstantCustomer is a handy gadget for business card and contact management. Snap a picture of the contact’s business card, and Instant Customer scans the contact info, creates a profile for the candidate, and allows you to send a pre-written follow-up.
  • Recruit2’s GlobalRecruitingRoundtable app gives users access to top industry news and trends, and allows them to plug in to a community of experts. The app also delivers some serious functionality (sharing capabilities, videos, full article library) while running on a straightforward interface.
  • JobSpeek wins the award for originality. This free app adds a new dimension to job postings: audio. When posting a job description, recruiters can record a “hiring message.” Your very original postings go live on JobSpeek, as well as the major job search engines. It’s just downright cool.

Mobile SMS and QR code recruiting is getting some serious attention in recent months. Many of the big-name innovators in talent acquisition are onthequest to get candidates using smartphones to connect with their organizations. However, recruiting leader and sourcing consultant GeoffPeterson says, “The technology’s not 100% there.” A lot of time and energy is going into developing this new avenue for recruiting, though, and I expect we’ll see more developments in the next year or so.

Social Recruiting: Plan for Your Slice of the Pie

Though recruiting has always been social, social media has opened an entirely new can of worms. And if you want a piece of the social recruiting pie, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • You need a strategy. You may have a Twitter account, but that doesn’t mean you have a social recruiting strategy.
  • Don’t bombard, engage. Anyone can post “an exciting opportunity” on LinkedIn. If that’s all you’re using your social media accounts for, however, you’re going to lose your audience fast.
  • Keep the social in social media. You can get all the Facebook fans and Twitter followers you want, but unless you’re engaging your network, they’re just numbers.

Do Social & Mobile Really Create an Improved Process?

Amidst all the social and mobile recruiting buzz, everyone is talking about an “improved process,” and gushing over the benefits of all of these great developments in recruiting technology. But this phrase strikes a chord with me. What, exactly, dictates “an improved hiring process?” Will all of these nifty apps and tools continue to drive the high-volume recruiting demands of the 21st century? Or will the automation of the more tedious processes give us the time to shift the focus back to what recruiting is all about (getting to know people)?

Based on your answer, you’ll be the one to decide what hip new trends are worth investing in.


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