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Blog: I know this much is #TRU

In Community, Conference, Personal Development, Recruitment, Social Media, Twitter on February 8, 2011 at 2:56 pm

Getting very close to the next #TruLondon event now and the buzz is quite impressive.  Having had a very busy start to 2011, I’ve been trying to keep track through Twitter and the blog posts, but it’s a struggle – so I leapt at the chance to catch up with organiser Bill by phone recently. Yep, old-school is sometimes the best.  As always with Bill, there’ll be some well-publicised activities in advance, in addition to some surprises on the day.  So which bits am I most looking forward to?

  1. #trulondonThe sheer range of assembled intelligence and experience. You’ll struggle to find an event with more talent in one location than this.  Quite how Bill pulls them all in, I really don’t know. I’ll say this though, the man’s an artist!
  2. I’m hearing a rumour that there’s going to be something rather interesting on the Twitter front. Twitter’s always been a key element of the #TRU events and Bill’s one of those who really understands the value of the backchannel. I wrote a review of this for one of his previous events here – but if I understand correctly, it’ll be worth installing Layar on your smartphone if you’re attending.
  3. I’m actually going to be at a professional event with my better half! She’s always been in the HR industry, I’ve always been in recruiting, so while there’s a common interest, the events we’ve attended have been very different.  Social Media is starting to bridge that divide, and Bill’s event really does drive that message home.
  4. All being well, I’ll be playing with a new app while I’m there. No commercial interest in this one for me, but something I was lucky enough to see an alpha demo of at the recent TEDxBrighton event – and I’m hoping I’ll have a beta test version by the time I get to #TRU. If you’re a regular conference-goer, it promises to be quite exciting – #TRU should be the perfect place to let it loose!

There’ll be loads more when I get there, I’m sure.  As always, I’ll be tweeting heavily through the day – so if you can’t be there, follow the event on Twitter. As soon as I have a live-stream link, I’ll share that too!

Transparency vs protectionism, part 2: Driving up quality

In Facebook, LinkedIn, Recruitment, Social Media, Twitter, Uncategorized on September 20, 2010 at 8:46 am

So last week I wrote a post about the transparent nature of Social Media. It presents a clear challenge to all businesses, but particularly those in the past who have a more secretive nature to their operations.  There were a number of great comments on that post and those (plus a discussion with a contemporary across the pond) caused me to extend the thinking.

What if the transparent nature of social media was driven out as a message to candidates? Not for the purposes of securing a new job, or learning more about a client – but at a more conceptual level.  If a company or agency recruits via Social Media, they will at some point have discussed transparency.  It therefore stands to reason that these organisations are more comfortable that one of the following applies:

  1. They don’t have anything to hide
  2. They might have things they aren’t proud of, but they’re happy to be called out on it and learn from those mistakes
  3. They accept things will go wrong, but figure the benefits outweigh the risks

Whichever way you look at it, Social Media should allow for better scrutiny, commentary and feedback.  It should drive up the quality of the recruitment experience.

So here’s the question:  Can we drive this transparent message to candidates?  Will they buy this concept? If they do, we’ll see more candidates leaning towards those employers / agencies that are active in the social space. Those hiding in the more traditional media may find it harder and harder to generate great candidates – will this prove to be game-changing in the quality standards applicable across the industry?

I don’t have the answers yet – but I’ve got a strong gut feel and I’d love to hear your thoughts!

DISCLOSURE: I’m a founding director of TweetJobs. Our business focusses on helping recruiters to get Social. I clearly have a vested interest in this topic, though would note this is my personal blog. I feel free to speculate and theorise here, but flame away if you feel this disclosure is insufficient!

Blogpost: The #TruManchester Twitter Track:

In Personal Development, Recruitment, Social Media, Twitter on August 9, 2010 at 8:50 am

Keen watchers of the UK recruitment conference circuit will have noticed I’ll be getting involved in #TruManchester, 8/9th September. If the previous Tru events are anything to go by, it’ll be a free-flowing affair – open and collaborative learning with a healthy dose of networking.  I’m delighted Bill’s invited me to get involved in the Twitter track and I’m sure there’s much I can add.  I’m equally sure that the “question & discussion” environment of the Tru events will see me learning a few new things too.

So what can you expect of me?  Well, I plan to stick very much to the Tru spirit – no PowerPoint, we’re going for full-on participation.  I’d like to cover a number of aspects, but of course, this will be guided entirely by those present.  The focus will clearly be use of Twitter in the recruitment sector – but there are a number of points which don’t often get discussed by the recruiters I speak to on a regular basis, including:

  • Interaction between Twitter and other social platforms
  • Twitter’s plans for growth and revenue
  • The continuing evolution of geo-locational tools

Now comes the real unconference part of the post…  these things are MY current Twitter interests.  I want to know about yours.  Whether you’re attending in person, or plan on following via the hashtag, let me know where you need more.  I don’t want to wait till September to have this conversation.

The #tru conferences are certainly real-life events, but they are ongoing communities as well; if the sharing starts here, the discussion on the day will most certainly be the stronger for it – and it’ll prove, very publicly, that we practice what we preach.

Automation vs human interaction?

In Recruitment, Social Media, Twitter on July 28, 2010 at 3:57 pm

You may be familiar with the Pareto Principle – more commonly referred to as the 80/20 rule. The original law was very specific, but over the years it’s been quoted in reference to a wide number of situations, often tweaked slightly to suit the particular circumstances of the situation.

I stumbled across some archive material from Seth Godin recently – and it set me thinking about that law in relation to Twitter.  There’s obviously an array of tools out there for turbo-charging your use of Twitter but to what extent is automation acceptable? If social media is all about engagement and dialogue, maybe it’s not possible to automate any; should an actual human being be involved at all times?

Personally, I believe it comes down to what you want from Twitter.  Some want a source of information and may use alerts, lists or other techniques to find what they want. Others want conversation, in which case it’s almost certainly the natural touch at all stages.  For my personal Twitter account, that’s absolutely the case. I’m looking to find (and when I can, offer) thought leadership, interspersed with the lighter touch that helps form the glue in most relationships.

For business though, I do believe an element of automation is possible – and this is where our friend Pareto steps forward.  Just tweeting jobs is both a mundane task and one that leads to a dull Twitterstream.  By helping our clients consider the content element, we can improve the diversity and value of the material being published. With both of these aspects, automation is easily achievable and not necessarily detrimental and for many recruiters, that may take care of 80% of their total Twitter exposure

Of all the effort put into a topic, it’s the final 20% that really puts the icing on the cake.  Perhaps that, then, is the part where genuine human interaction is the most important – and for us, the part where the client really has to engage.

Disclosure: I’m a Founding Director of TweetJobs

Comments and views are always welcome here….

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